"Focus" VBS from Orange

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“Focus” is the new VBS theme from Orange curriculum. Last week at the Children’s Pastors Conference, I got a chance to talk with the people behind the exciting new material. Take a look at this new Vacation Bible School and let me know what you think.

Thanks to our friends at Concordia Supply who shared this great video about FOCUS VBS 2020.

Focus for VBS 2020

This all-new VBS 2020 from Orange Publishing is called “Focus: See What Matters Most

Here’s what they say on their website:

Our team is passionate about impacting children and families, and we’ve created resources for you that can be customized to fit into your unique ministry setting including: EDITABLE CONTENT / FLEXIBLE SCHEDULING OPTIONS / MULTIPLE ACTIVITY AND ROTATION OPTIONS

Make the VBS fun last all summer! Every leader that purchases FOCUS VBS will also be receiving two months of FOCUS-themed summer curriculum for preschool through preteen! Extend the VBS message to Sunday mornings and welcome your VBS guests into an environment and program that they’re already comfortable with.

Orange VBS includes resources and built in opportunities to share what kids are experiencing and learning with their parents. And everything included with Orange VBS is designed to build stronger connections – between your ministry and the families at VBS, between Small Group Leaders and the kids in their groups, and between you and your volunteer leaders. VBS is the PERFECT opportunity to make memories that strengthen relationships all year long!

Learn more about FOCUS VBS

More VBS 2020 Themes

This post is part of our series looking at all the Vacation Bible School themes for 2020. We don’t sell any curriculum, but offer this information to help you find the right material for your church next summer.

24 thoughts on “"Focus" VBS from Orange”

  1. This looks like a very practical maybe yes. The more practical, the better since the children like concrete ideas and if they can see what they can actually do, then they can take the lessons home in their hearts better. Thank you for this offer and a chance to win a VBS! For us, VBS has been a good and effective ministry. So we look forward to it every year!
    It looks like an effective VBS

  2. Good evening, I watched the video and it explained a lot about “FOCUS”. I know that this VBS material will benefit my Straight Way Church tremendously, because we are always looking for Bible and faith based materials that teaches scripture and principles for learning. It appears to be very informative and well put together for spiritual learning. Thanks for the opportunity and God Bless you!

  3. Excellent content. I love the focus on relationship with God. calling young people to pray and read the Bible and communicate with God for themselves will build live-long disciples instead of collecting and drawing young people together for entertainment. Great faith building material. People need this stuff!

  4. This Looks exciting and the topics mentioned are very important for the Children to learn especially about Hearing God’s Voice we try to teach the kids that there is no Junior Holy Spirit and they can hear from God also that it is not just for Adults.

  5. We’ve enjoyed your themes for Sunday school. Interested in seeing how VBS would go at our inner city in church in Flint.

  6. I think it will be so awesome I have 5 children and thier question all the time is how to hear GOD voice so this I know many other children wonder the same so this will be a great teaching for them.

  7. Wow a VBS totally focusing on our relationship with Jesus! Thank you for creating Bible based program to help teach about building children’s faith not for a week but for a lifetime! How exciting!

  8. This is the Biblical answer to the popular “mindfulness” practice that is so prevalent in our culture. This curriculum leads our kids into focusing on the God Who loves them, not themselves. Thank you!

  9. Focus VBS Look Great I think all of us can benefit from getting our focus on God This would help our church to refocus ourselves back to Him in little or big ways

  10. OMG! This is a wonderful way to get kids supercharged this summer, whether it be for introducing them to God for the first time or for lighting a fire under those who need re-igniting! It may even spark a fire into some adults as well! A good 2 for 1 is always a plus.

  11. I would use this material to use in my home church and then again for my son’s VBS outreach program in a third world country. Both programs FOCUS on bringing unchurched kids the Word.

  12. We are a small church that is exploring what we can offer our Children’s Ministry families during the summer. Receiving this would be super helpful. Thank you!

  13. Lord Jesus help me to win this!
    Our church has not yet had a VBS. We are a fairly new church and don’t have a lot of funding yet to purchase things. We get as creative as possible to reach out to or community. To start a ministry to reach our children in the community would truly be a blessing. I will continue to pray on this. Thank you for the opportunity to win a VBS kit, I am excited and hopeful!

  14. Thank you for this opportunity to win this amazing VBS. After praying and searching for a VBS theme, this one is the one that stood out 1st. The children in our ministry would really enjoy and benefit from learning more about FOCUSING on God. We are about to make a big move in faith in our lives from our home church to a new church. Using this VBS would really give us the tools to start out our new kids ministry in the right direction!

  15. My church has a small but growing congregation, and a small but mighty children’s ministry. This website has helped me and guided me to teach the children wonderful and fun lessons. I have high hopes to create a wonderful VBS this summer, especially after not being able to last year. This VBS package would do wonders in helping teach the children and teens how to really focus on God and the things that matter most in life.

  16. We are a very small church, new to the community that surrounds it. This Focus VBS curriculum fits in with our church vision of touching lives of the families that surround our church building. It is so multi-faceted, show the kids and workers how to focus on God, how to focus on the families around us, on the community that is in so much need.

  17. Upbeat music, teaches individual connections to Jesus by prayer, bible reading and great lessons. We ha e a community Bible School and are always looking for new materials that teach about God, Jesus and personal connections. Not just entertainment.

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