LifeWay 2019 VBS "In the Wild"

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Take an look at the 2019 VBS theme from LifeWay called “In the Wild.”

We made this short video unboxing of the Starter Kit and the Jump Start kit featured below.

In the WIld VBS – Unboxing Video and 1st Look

The giveaway on this post has ended and we’ve notified the winner via email. Thanks to everyone who left a comment with the great feedback!.

VBS 2019 logo from Lifeway In the Wild

VBS 2019 from LifeWay

Theme Verse: But these are written so that you may believe that Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in his name. John 20:31 (CSB)

Motto: Zoom in! Focus on Jesus!

As you can see from the materials above, this is a fresh take on the classic “jungle / safari” theme. I’m just digging into the curriculum, but here are a few of my first impressions.

All 5 Bible lessons focus on encounters with Jesus from the Gospels. This sets up a nice opportunity for evangelism, especially for new kids who haven’t yet heard these stories.

Daily Bible Content

  • Day 1 – Encounter in the Temple / Luke 2:41-52 / The Point: Jesus knew why He came.
  • Day 2 – Encounter at the River / Matthew 3:1-17 / The Point: Jesus is the Son of God.
  • Day 3 – Encounter on the Water / Matthew 14:22-33 / The Point: Jesus proved He is God’s Son.
  • Day 4 – Encounter at the Tomb / John 20:1-18 / The Point: Jesus rose from the dead.
  • Day 5 – Encounter on the Road / Luke 24:13-35 / The Point: The Bible was written so I can believe.

Preschool Content

  • Day 1 Encounter in the Temple / Luke 2:41-52 / The Point: Jesus talked about God.
  • Day 2 Encounter at the River / Matthew 3:1-17 / The Point: Jesus is God’s Son.
  • Day 3 Encounter on the Water / Matthew 14:22-33 / The Point: Jesus can do anything.
  • Day 4 Encounter at the Tomb / John 20:1-18 / The Point: Jesus is alive!
  • Day 5 Encounter on the Road / Luke 24:13-35 / The Point: All of the Bible tells about Jesus.


I’ve always argued the music matters just as much as the teaching in VBS – especially when you make sure every kid gets a CD to take home.

The music from In The Wild is well done, as I would expect from LifeWay. It’s catchy, age-appropriate, and has great teaching value in the lyrics. They have a separate set of songs for preschoolers too. Visit their official website to listen to music sample tracks.

Does VBS Still Matter?

Download this graphic from LifeWay’ website

29 thoughts on “LifeWay 2019 VBS "In the Wild"”

  1. In the Wild VBS Curriculum looks engaging and interesting for children. Based on personal experience whenever we’ve used a curriculum that has lots of animals and great music, crafts and snacks you will have an engaging VBS for everyone. It is up to your VBS Committee to go over the top with planning, decorations, music and lots of energy to make the curriculum you are using come alive for children. In the Wild VBS curriculum has everything you will need to bring God’s world alive for children.

  2. I love that the starter kits have a lot of things that help get VBS going. Our church will be starting the VBS back up after several years of not participating. I suggested to several people that we should start VBS up this summer and several people were on board and this is just what we need to get us going. The curriculum looks fun and exciting and I believe the children would love the jungle theme while learning of God’s Word which is thee most important thing we can pass on to children today.

  3. Thank you for this chance. And thank you also for showing what is in the kits. I think this is a great theme for us, since we are in Suriname, South America and the jungle actually encroaches on our area. The kids can really relate to something rather familiar, and it would be fun to tie those things in to the Bible stories somehow. My point would be, that the Lord Jesus is for EVERYWHERE and EVERY TIME! I’ll go over to the website and read more about it, thanks a lot for sharing.
    I do have a U.S. mailing address that ships to us here!

  4. Our church just celebrated our 3rd Anniversary and as director of our Kidz Kove children’s ministry, I would love to win “In the Wild” for my church. We are a small, but growing congregation and this would give us an excellent opportunity to host our very 1st VBS. Our building is located across the street from a school and right in front of a large apartment complex. We have already had several outreach events that drew in alot of kids from our community that could benefit from the message of our Messiah!

  5. I just love the theme for this year! I’m so excited to begin. I think that the children will really love it because of the animals. I do believe that they will really enjoy learning about Jesus this summer. Thank you so much for the opportunity to win!

  6. God bless you and thank you for the opportunity, it would be a honor if our Church won this because it would be the first time we will have a VBS in our church.I just became the new director of our Happy Kids Children Church Ministry and winning “In the wild” our kids will enjoy it very much, we are a small church but our children love the word of God and love learning about our Lord and Savior. Thanks and may God continue blessing all of you

  7. Hi our church always has the church decorated with the VBS thyme. The music is just as much apart of the week and the Bible study. I think the kids would really love the Wild thyme. What kid don’t like the animals. We always have lots of kids and they enjoy coming to VBS and we add several of them to our Sunday School classes. Thank you and blessing to all.

  8. We are planning our VBS for July so we are busy getting ready for it now. We went to a VBS training a few weeks ago for our association. It was great! The theme In the Wild is so much fun, the crafts are easy and cute. Snacks are delicious. I would love to win this for our church. Thank you for the opportunity!

  9. This looks great! We just came to our current church and they haven’t had a VBS in a number of years. This looks like it would be a helpful and cost effective way to have one without overwhelming volunteers.

  10. We have set our mission for VBS, but are not completely committed to a program. The mission of Son Safaris would work perfectly with the Into The Wild VBS programming. Our church is undergoing a major addition and we are tightening our budget to make it happen. This would be a wonderful blessing to us. Our VBS was the largest it has ever been last summer! We hope to to those numbers again this summer!

  11. One reason that I love Lifeway’s VBS curriculum is because they offer something for every age group — from nursery to adults and include Special Needs and Spanish! They are trying to reach EVERYONE for Christ and not just children. Our adults enjoy coming to VBS just as much as the children do. I love this theme because the kids have responded well in the past to the jungle themes. You capture their attention with the theme and fill their hearts and minds with the Word of God. Everyone at my church has always loved the music. The kids especially will still be singing the music long after VBS is over with.

  12. Oh, man. This would be awesome! Small church with an even smaller budget would benefit so much from this VBS giveaway! Perfect way to open up to the community and welcome in kids.

  13. First I want to thank you for your site. As a Sunday School teacher I’ve used it many times. I appreciate all you do. I would love to win this for my friends church. A powerful church in a neighborhood that is surrounded by gangs and children who desperately need to know that Jesus loves them. Their church isn’t a big church. And my friend operates children’s church on a budget. But they have such a big heart. They hunger to spread the word of God to the youth of the area. Thank you.

  14. I’d love to bring VBS back to our church! I used LifeWay VBS in the past and know it would be a great week of having fun while learning more about God.

  15. Hey Tony, I would love to win the VBS kit you are offering here. Thank you so much for all you do. I use a lot of your lessons for my children at church and the absolutely love them. This curriculum looks like a lot of fun. Thank you again for this opportunity.
    Melissa Goodwin

  16. Into the Wild looks like it would be perfect for our small church and the VBS we plan to run this summer. Our VBS is growing. We have gone from 6 students about 5 years ago to 53 last year. Our students love the upbeat music, fun crafts, and Bible lessons of VBS. I love the mission component–students should always be encouraged to look outside of their own little world to see that there are others in the world who need their help

  17. It would be a great vbs for our church. I have been in childrens ministry a long time. I have directed VBS for a few years. I like the material shown in the video. Our childrens ministries has been growing. I feel this VBS kit will help us to continue to grow.

  18. I’m just wildly excited about using this VBS “In The Wid” thank you so much for offering this.

  19. We are a smaller size church (with 10-20 elementary-aged kids) and I’ve found that VBS programs work fantastic for our Sunday morning curriculum! 5 days of VBS becomes 4-5 months worth of Sundays and such fun, focused programming for the kids.

  20. We’re fairly new to VBS and not sure where to start
    But pointing kids to Jesus, is the burden of our hearts,
    This prize would mean the world to every adult and each child,
    Our VBS would swing and we really would go WILD.

  21. I am starting a new job on April 15 at a smaller church than the one I currently work at. I’m e,cited that God has called me into a ministry with new kids and I’d like to plow VBS for June but just found out they usually borrow or use older curriculum. This would really help us to kick off the summer and reach the kids In our church neighborhood.

  22. We love to do VBS. This looks like a fun VBS you can use all kids of animals. This is a Great out reach for our church, would love to win this kit. God is blessing our children ministry .The children and adult can go WILD about Jesus.

  23. We are having combined VBS with three churches because we all are super small, we struggle with small budget yet try our best to offer the best time at VBS! This could really help me coordinate better experience for kiddos! Thanks for the awesome opportunity

  24. We are in the process of growing our Sunday School/Youth program. Our church has mostly been comprised of older families and we are working steadfastly to increase community involvement in our church. We are planning to host VBS this summer and these materials would be a great start to our program.

  25. My church is in the process of changing the way we do our children’s ministry. This would be a great way to start our children’s outreach ministry. I think that this theme would be exciting to the children and the adults that are involved. Our VBS leader just gave up her position and I have been asked to take it over, this material would be helpful to me as a first time VBS leader.

  26. As a brand new VBS leader, I could use this material. Our church is changing up our children’s ministry and this could be helpful to attract more children to our church.

  27. We just ran the drawing and the random selection winner was Melissa. Congratulations. I’m sending you an email to get the materials shipped out. Thanks to everyone who left helpful responses.

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