"Build-A-Deer Workshop" Christmas Game for Preteens

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**This is a guest post from Nick Diliberto from PreteenMinistry.net
Object: This is a team-based game to see which team can create the most off-the-hook “reindeer” antlers in 5 minutes!
Supplies: For each team provide: 1 new pair of brown or tan panty hose; 14-7″ balloons; 1 red gift bow and two 6–8″ lengths of Christmas ribbon; a paper bag to hold the supplies

  • Cut off the tips of the toes of each pair of panty hose.
  • Cut out a 5-inch hole in the center of the tummy of the panty hose.
  • Place 1 pair of panty hose, 1 red gift bow, 14-7″ balloons (not inflated) and 2 lengths of Christmas ribbon in a paper bag for each team.
  • Divide your group into equal size teams (4-6 students).
  • Select judges to time the game and to choose the most attractive antler creation.

How to Play:

Explain the teams will have 5 minutes to create the most amazing, off-the-hook and attractive “antlers,” using balloons they blow up and stuff into the legs of the panty hose (which are worn on the head of a volunteer “reindeer”). They will complete their reindeer creation by adding the red gift bow as “Rudolf’s” nose and finally tying the end of the “antlers” with the ribbon.

Give each team their bag of supplies and instruct each team to choose one student to be the “reindeer”. Have this person place the waist of the panty hose over his or head with their face in the 5″ hole you cut out.

On GO! Teams begin inflating their balloons and stuffing them in the open toes, and up the legs of the panty hose to form “antlers”.

Teams complete their antler creation by placing the red gift bow on the volunteer “reindeer’s” nose, closing off the open toes with the lengths of ribbon and positioning the antlers for the most amazing, off-the-hook and attractive look they can by manipulating the balloons.

When time is up ask the judges to select the most attractive antlers. (You may choose to select additional award winners for most creative, most inventive, most interesting, etc.)

Break It Down
Scripture: Matthew 2:1–2, 9–10 (Wise Men travel to see Jesus)
Main Point: Reindeer are real animals, but they don’t really fly. Their job is to haul people and stuff around in cold places like Canada. There were no reindeer mentioned in the Bible, but there were camels. And they also hauled people and stuff!
The Wise Men traveled a long way to see Jesus and we traditionally think of them traveling on camels. Though much slower than flying reindeer, camels are called the “ship of the desert” and would have been an excellent choice for their super long road trip to bring gifts to Jesus and to worship Him!
Nick Diliberto is the creator of PreteenMinistry.net, which provides creative curriculum and resources for preteen ministry. He is also the preteen columnist for Children’s Ministry Magazine.

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