Game Idea: SLIP ‘N’ SLIDE ‘N’ GRAB

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**This is a guest post from Nick Diliberto from
Use this fun game in your preteen ministry this spring or summer.
Supplies: Homemade Slip ‘N’ Slide made from plastic sheeting, baby shampoo, water hose, assortment of objects varying in size (small, medium, large, x-large)
How to Make a Slip ‘N’ Slide: You can purchase plastic sheeting (heavy duty) at most home improvement stores. These rolls will make more slip ‘n’ slides than you can use in a summer, so it’s a worthwhile purchase. Roll out the sheeting on a grassy surface free from rocks or debris. Use flat head spikes to tack the sides of the plastic into the ground. Be sure to tape down these spots to prevent preteens from sliding over top of them. Neon orange duct tape works great to hold them down and also make them visible. (You can also line the sides with swim noodles to hold more of the water on the plastic) Coat the plastic with water and spread half a bottle of baby shampoo on the plastic. Continue to spray with water. The plastic will be extremely slippery, so encourage preteens to slide on their stomachs and do not run on the slide. Continue to add water and soap as necessary for your desired slipperiness.
How To Play: Once preteens are enjoying the slip ‘n’ slide, divide them into two teams in separate lines. If possible, use more than one slip ‘n’ slide. If only one is used, have the teams take turns. Spread the assortment of objects out on the plastic sheeting and be sure the mix up the sizes. Assign point values to each size of objects (Small=100 points, Medium=50 points, Large=25 points). As preteens slide down the slip ‘n’ slide, they must grab as many objects as possible to acquire points. The objects that they are holding as they exit the slide are the only points that will count for their team. Touching objects or holding them for a moment and then dropping does not count for points.

  1. Nerf balls are great to use for this activity. You can also use Koosh balls.
  2. To make the activity more difficult, assign adult leaders to spray the kids with water hoses as they slide down the slip ‘n’ slide.

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