Sequence Bible Story Cards

This page lists all our sequence Bible story coloring pages. Amy Fenton Lee first suggested this type of resource to better serve children with special needs. We soon found that this is a helpful method for all children to review important Bible stories. Click here to leave a comment or suggest future stories we should illustrate in this way.

9 thoughts on “Sequence Bible Story Cards”

  1. Great, this is superb! It will be best if the words be from KJB 1611.
    Your materials are helpful to my ministry. God reward you.

  2. I am disappointed to find that you do not use the King James Bible. I have taught children for amost 40 years and have never had a problem with the children understanding. It is hardened grown-ups that do not beleive the one and only trustworthy Bible. I am sorry to say that I will be unsubscribing as quickly as I subscribed.

  3. Thanks for taking the time to comment. We have many readers who use different translations, we totally respect your preference and you can use any Bible translation you like with our lessons. May God continue to bless you and your ministry.

  4. Thanks Tony Kummer, I use your materials with the help of KJB 1611 and do not use the ones with other versions unless I can erase the words. Thank sir, for this liberty.

  5. Thanks Tony Kummer, Your materials are great. Never mind the version used I can go with this or use another as I choose, I have only used a few so far but have really appreciated them and will continue to use the others in the series as long as I need to. They are a big help to me in Sunday School lessons.

  6. Dear Tony Kummer, I thank you for your kind words on this, and can ony add that may the Lord continue to bless your work and give you wisdom in carrying it out according to His will. I use your materials as I teach pre-school in church. Materials abound for older children but very few for this age category. I felt the translation used here, fits my class and never considered it a hinderance. God bless you and your team.

  7. I have just discovered this valuable web site. It has been a wonderful help and I have found many pictures to illustrate the stories. We are a small fellowship (20) and have almost as many children as adults and so are short of teachers who are always pressed for time.
    I could not find something to illustrate John 13 “Jesus washes the disciples feet”.
    Thank you once again
    Victoria Australia (down under)

  8. God bless you all . I´ve been using your materials to keep the kids at home during this difficult moments here in Brazil . It´s been amazingly wonderful to use this worksheet .Again , GOD bless you so big. Love you already !!!!

  9. Hello Tony, to be honest I’ve been thinking children ministry needs way humble and people with a keen patience. I never thought of myself spending a time gathering notes and materials intended for children ministry, but here am I! I am basking in the beauty of His ways of doing things … I am so moved and blessed by your work. May the Almighty God continue to use and bless you abundantly. Many blessings your way …

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