The Kid of the Week Program

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kid-of-the-weekWhen I started our Kid of the Week Program, I had no idea how much my kids would love it. I didn’t realize that two years later, I’d still be rewarding kids who follow the Golden Rule with the title, “The Kid of the Week.” However, these TNT Kids Church kids wouldn’t let this program die and I’m so glad.
The Kid of the Week is a reward program I use that recognizes kids who follow and demonstrate the Golden Rule. This can be small examples of kindness like helping another child find a Bible verse, leading a new kid to the restroom facility or picking up trash off the floor.
Sure, lots of times kids will do their “good deed” and then say to me, “Did you see that?” (Insert big smile here) I don’t begrudge them that. I usually respond by saying, “Yes, I did. Keep up the good work!” Kids never know who earned the weekly title until they show up to receive the weekly newsletter or see their photo on the television screen in kids’ church. Each week, my volunteers and I select two kids, a boy and a girl to give this special honor to.
The Kid of the Week enjoys perks like this:

  • Receives 50 Bible Bucks
  • Wears a special award necklace
  • Leads the line
  • Is the helper for church service
  • Comes on stage for a short interview (unless they are too shy)
  • Enjoys the spotlight while thumping music plays
  • Gets to read the Golden Rule to the class

The Kid of the Week program is amazing fun for all of us. My volunteers love picking the next kid and so do I! Since we’ve implemented this program, I’ve got well-behaved kids who work hard at demonstrating the Golden Rule.
Visit Monica’s website, Tools for Kids Church for more cool ideas.

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