4 More Minute to Win It Games

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NBC’s Minute to Win It Game is a huge hit for fun-loving families. Watching this show has inspired us to offer you some (more) kid-friendly, minute to win it games. These fast paced games are ideal for pre-church activities, schedule fillers or mid lesson breaks. Customize them to suit your needs.
Lights Out: For this games you need six push lights, like the ones you find at a dollar store. You also need six bean bags and duct tape. Arrange the push lights in a triangle shape. Mark off the starting line with a strip of duct tape. Push all the lights into the on position. Kids should toss the bean bags to make the lights go out. Fun!
Head Bobbers: You need two headbands and two cheap clip on pedometers. Attach the pedometers to the headband and give one to each of the two volunteers. Activate the pedometers by turning them on. Kids have to bob their head to activate the step action on the pedometer. The first kid to get to 125 first is the winner!
Tower of Power: Okay, you need two wide bowls, 6 empty aluminum cans, water and a two plastic plates. Fill the bowls with water. Set the plates and three cans by each bowl. When you say, “Go” kids have to put the plate on the water and stack three empty cans into a tower. the first one to achieve this is the winner!
My Mummy: You need limbo or broomstick and two rolls of toilet paper. Choose two volunteers. Slide the toilet paper rolls over the stick. Have two volunteers hold the stick in place. Kids should unwrap the paper, wrapping themselves into a mummy. If the paper breaks they have to start over. They should keep going until they are completely covered or all the paper is used.
You can find more inspiration on Monica’s page at Tools for Kids Church.

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