10 Great Ideas for a Hallelujah Festival

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Ideas for Fall Festival at Church
It’s Hallelujah Festival time! Christian schools and churches around the country hold these Halloween alternatives for kids to have a safe, less spooky celebration, with a focus on goodness and God. However, it is easy to get in a rut during these festivals. The same games, the same activities and since there are so many, you want yours to stand apart. I love these 10 great ideas for jazzing up a Hallelujah Festival. Maybe a few of them will work for you and your group.

  1. Pumpkin bowling: Set up toilet paper rolls with black construction paper eyes and mouths in a pyramid shape. Let kids roll a pumpkin to knock them down. You could also use empty 2 liter bottles that you’ve painted on the inside. (Just pour in a few tablespoons of craft paint and swirl.) Draw faces on the bottle or tape construction paper on the bottles to make funny faces.
  2. Sweep the pumpkins: Kids have to use a broom to get the pumpkin across the finish line.
  3. Pumpkin dart board: You need to push inflated balloons on to a dart board in a pumpkin shape. Kids can throw darts to pop balloons and win a prize.
  4. Kids’ bubble pool: Fill a small plastic swimming pool with water, some squirts of dishwashing detergent and some pool ducks. When kids arrive, they have to scoop up the ducks using a net.
  5. Pumpkin golf: Carve a mouth into a pumpkin and set it on the ground. Kids have to putt a golf ball into the pumpkin’s mouth.
  6. Pickle pick up: Pour pickles into a large bucket. With bare toes, players should pick up and lift out one pickle. Pickle picker uppers will win a prize!
  7. Tarp throw: This is one of the cheapest games ever! You need a big blue tarp and different colored duct tape and a pair of scissors. Cut squares into the tarp and line the squares with the duct tape to make the holes very visible. Hang the tarp and let players toss a football at the tarps.
  8. Stand a bottle: Tie a thin rope around the neck of a glass bottle. Attach the rope to a small fishing pole. The goal of this game is to set the bottle upright. (It’s harder than it sounds.)
  9. Painted rock craft: You need flat, smooth rocks, painted and ready to grab. Kids can attach google eyes and a stick on magnet. The perfect refrigerator magnet.
  10. Cupcake decorating booth: You can’t have a fall festival without cupcakes to eat and decorate. Set up a table of cupcakes and lots of sprinkles and stuff. Kids can decorate their treats.


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