Halloween Photo Booth Ideas

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Little girl making afraid faceIn a recent months, I’ve relied on photo booth backgrounds to help me pull off some fun themes in kids’ ministry. For example, during the “Jesus is My Superhero” crusade, we had a cardboard background painted to look like skyscrapers. Kids got to stand in the booth wearing their superhero costumes and get a photo taken, for free! This Halloween, (or fall festival) have a photo booth ready for parents and kids. What a great way to make and keep treasured memories! Here are some suggestions to get you started.
Photo Background Ideas

  • Cover the wall with a plastic tablecloth in purple, bright orange or lime green.
  • Hang silver stars, bats or googley eyes from the ceiling using fishing line.
  • You have a group of creative folks, you could use a refrigerator box. Cut it open and create any scene you like, like an old barn background or some spooky woods.
  • Create cardboard cut outs, like pumpkins sitting on a hay bale. Cut the faces out so the visitors can put their faces in them.

Now comes the fun part — props! You need some cool props available for kids and parents to use while they pose. They should complement your background in some way. I’ve used most of these ideas.

  • Moustaches on a stick: You need black construction paper, scissors, tape and bamboo skewers. Cut out different shaped mustaches and tape one to each skewer. Have them on hand for picture taking.
  • Place a dozen clown noses in a bowl. Have each visitor wear a clown nose and stand in front of a red, polka-dotted sheet.
  • Provide kids with inexpensive animal masks.
  • Falling leaves make a good photo. Have a basket of real or silk leaves ready for this one. Visitors should stand in front a fall themed background while they toss leaves into the air. What a fun way to take a picture.

I hope these ideas for a fall photo booth have inspired you to offer your kids this fun activity.

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