5 Fall Candy Party Activities

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MM-candyCandy is a big part of fall ministry, isn’t it? Personally, I don’t “celebrate” Halloween, but I do love fall festivals and ministering to kids. One thing that will be in abundance for the next few months is fall candy. If you need a few extra activities for your ministry time or plan to throw a fall party for the kids, try some of these five fall candy party activities.
Candy corn bingo: It’s cheap candy that doubles as bingo chips! Print off some appropriate fall-themed bingo cards, one for each child. Call out the numbers and let kids cover them with candy corns. They’ll be tempted to eat a few, so have extra!
Googley eye game: You need four clear, plastic bowls and four sets of stick-on googley eyes for this game. Pour the cheese puffs into two of the bowls and leave the other two empty. The empty bowls belong at the finish line — the filled bowls belong at the start line. Divide the gang into teams and declare a race. Team members get a plastic spoon and have to race to move the cheese puffs into the empty bowl using only their spoons. The team to do this first, wins!
Pumpkin lollipop game: For this old-time game, you need a synthetic pumpkin and bunch of lollipops. Color a few lollipop tips with a permanent mark. You’ll have to drill multiple holes into the pumpkin, an electric drill works great. Poke the lollipops in the holes. Kids get to pick the lollipops out but only the ones with the colored tips win a special prize.
Candy corn pumpkin race: This is one messy game but it is so much fun. You need one pumpkin for each small group. I prefer the smaller pumpkins because it doesn’t take so long to cover them with the candy corn. Divide the kids into groups. Each group needs newspaper, a pumpkin, glue and candy corn. When you say, “Go!” the kids have to place the pumpkins on the newspaper and glue the candy corn to the pumpkin. The team to cover their pumpkin first wins a prize. For fun, draw a face on the pumpkin using a permanent marker before they start. Kids will make a cool looking pumpkin face once it is covered in candy corn.
Mini pumpkin pinatas: Okay, full disclosure, this is not my original idea but I totally love it! These mini pumpkin pinatas are great to tear open or toss to make them burst. You need orange napkins, green floral tape, scissors and plenty of individually wrapped candies. Unfold the orange napkin and place a handful of candy in the center. Gather up the napkin at the top. Wrap green floral tape around the area you gathered. Cut away the tops, leaving the green “pumpkin” stem! Put them in a cool basket as take home goodies or incorporate bursting them into your activity list.

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