5 Minute to Win It Games for Fall

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ping-pong balls in grass
I love “minute to win it” games! They keep my early arrivers busy and give me a fun way to interact with kids. It’s important to infuse your lessons with some silliness and these games are the perfect for that. Rotate these five, minute to win it games for fall each week. You may need some extra volunteers for these fall games.
Ping pong basketball: You need two short, plastic drink cups and a few ping-pong balls for this game. Set up a short table and put two small Xs on either end. Put the cups on the X’s. Players get a chance to bounce the ping-pong balls in the cup. Let them play for one minute and see who gets the most ping-pong balls in a cup.
Pumpkin sweep: For this game, you need duct tape, two brooms and two pumpkins. Tape out a finish and start line. Put the pumpkins on the start line. Blow the whistle or start the music and tell kids to sweep the pumpkin across the finish line. The first one there is the winner!
Bean bag toss: Before class, you need to cut two leaf shapes in the top of an upturned cardboard box. Decorate the box, if you like by gluing construction paper leaves on the box and place it on the floor. Toss the bean bags into the leaf holes to win!
Leaf blower: Cut out some leafs from construction paper. You need at least two dozen leaves. Place the leaves on a smooth table. Use straws to blow the leaves across the table all the way to the edge.
Pennies in the pumpkin: You need two plastic pumpkins and several dozen pennies to play this game. Put the pumpkins on the finish line. Divide the kids in two lines. Give each kid the same amount of pennies. Let them toss the pennies in the pumpkin. The team that gets the most pennies in is the winner!

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