What is God Like? (42 Lessons) Attributes of God for Kids

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What is God Like? 42 Lessons on the Character & Attributes of God

Use this free 42 lesson series to teach kids about the character and attributes of God.

Attributes of God Lessons for Kids

  1. God is Almighty=  He has absolute power or is all powerful
  2. God is the Alpha and Omega= He is the beginning and the end, the first and the last
  3. God is Awesome = He inspires awe and amazement
  4. God is Compassionate = He shows a deep concern for His people & a desire to meet their needs
  5. God is the Deliverer = He is the rescuer or savior
  6. God is Exalted = He is noble, elevated and lifted up
  7. God is Faithful = He is reliable, trustworthy, true to His Word & keeps His promises
  8. God Forgives = He grants pardon and cancels the debt of sin
  9. God is Glorious = He is full of glory (praise, honor & distinction)
  10. God is Good = morally excellent, virtuous or righteous
  11. God is Gracious = merciful, benevolent, kind & compassionate
  12. God Guides His People= He leads, accompanies, assists and gives direction/ guidance
  13. God Heals = make healthy & whole & free from ailments
  14. God is Holy = He is sinless, perfect and set apart
  15. God is our Hope = He is the One in whom our expectations are centered
  16. Jesus is Immanuel = God with Us
  17. God is Judge = He is the One who rules over and passes judgement on others
  18. God is Just = He is the One who is fair and does what is right
  19. God is  King of kings & Lord of lords  = He is The One who rules the rulers
  20. Jesus is the Lamb without blemish  = He is the perfect sacrifice for sin
  21. God is Love = God has tender and caring affection for His people
  22. God is Majestic  = God is stately, kingly, grand & raised up
  23. God is Merciful = God is full of compassion, pity, and undeserved grace & love for another
  24. God is Omnipotent =  He is almighty or infinite in power
  25. God is Omnipresent = He is everywhere all the time
  26. God is Omniscient = He knows everything
  27. God is One = the Only God
  28. God Protects His People = He defends, guards, covers & shields His people
  29. God is Righteous = He is always right & He always does what is right
  30. God is the Rock = solid, strong and offering protection
  31. God provides the PERFECT SACRIFICE for sin = Jesus is the gift or payment that paid for our sin
  32. God Saves = to rescue from danger
  33. God Shepherds His people = He tends, guards and watches over His people
  34. God is a Shield= He hides, conceals & protects His people (through Jesus’ blood)
  35. God is Sovereign = He rules over all
  36. Jesus is the One Mediator = He is the One who stands between (us & God) and brings judgement
  37. God is Trustworthy = He is dependable, reliable, honest & faithful
  38. God is Truth = fact, reliable, not false in any way
  39. God is Unchangeable = He cannot be moved, He does not change
  40. God is Wise = He is able to discern what is right or true
  41. God is With Us = He is here, present, involved in our lives
  42. God is Worthy = He is deserving, having merit and value.

One of the most important tasks of anyone in charge of children’s ministry is that of deciding what to teach the children under your care. In my years as a children’s ministry director it was one task that I took very seriously. There were so many things I wanted the children in our church to know, but as I listed them out, they all boiled down to the gospel: who is God?, who is man? and what did Jesus do? With these three simple questions and guidelines in mind I started forming our children’s materials.

We started where the Bible starts. No, not creation, but GOD…. In the beginning God…

Who is God? What is God like? What does God do?

The highest science, the loftiest speculation, the mightiest philosophy, which can ever engage the attention of a child of God, is the name, the nature, the person, the work, the doings, and the existence of the great God whom he calls Father.

C.H. Spurgeon

We started with this series of 42 lessons on the character of God to introduce children to the greatness of God.

Through these lessons children will be introduced to fullness of God’s character one attribute at a time. Most churched children will tell you that God created the world, or He rescues His people, or even that Jesus came to earth to rescue God’s people, but the goal of these lessons is for them to begin to know more of who He is and what it means to worship Him for who He is.

But, through these lesson the secondary goal is that they also answer the other two questions – who is man in light of who God is and what did Jesus do? As children learn of God’s holiness for example, they’ll be confronted with their own sinfulness and the way that Jesus reconciled a holy God to sinful man on the cross. Week after week, children will see the bigness of God and see how they can truly know God through Jesus.

Free Curriculum for Children on the Character of God

In-depth theology for kids – in simple language

AGE GROUP: elementary (ages 6-11)
TIME REQUIRED: 45 minutes
SUPPLIES NEEDED: Bibles, paper, pencils, crayons and markers – occasional other materials are listed week by week.

These lessons are designed to be done with a group of children and are perfect for Sunday School or mid-week Bible study times. They can also be easily adapted for use as a Bible lesson in a homeschool setting, or could be used by families for family worship.

If you choose to use them for family worship you may want to divide the lesson to stretch over 4 days like this: day 1 – learn the attribute and motion and review previous weeks, day 2 – read and discuss the scripture text and see how the attribute is shown in this text, day 3 – memory verse & review activity, day 4 – cross connection



Each lesson starts with a review of previous lessons. Sometimes this is in the form of a game and other times just a simple review to help children remember what they’ve learned so far.


The bulk of each lesson is spent on teaching the new attribute for the week. This time includes:
– introduction of the attribute
– reading and discussing scripture where this truth of God is seen clearly.
– often an opportunity for children to act out the story


In this portion of the lesson, the attribute of God being taught is clearly defined with a simple definition, explained and then a motion is taught to help the children remember this attribute.


Each week a memory verse is introduced that teaches this attribute. Often games or activities are included to help learn the verse.


In this section we take the attribute for the week to the cross and see how Christ displayed this attribute or what this truth of God means in light of the gospel. During this time, verses are often read and discussed and children will clearly hear the gospel proclaimed.


The lesson finishes each week with children being given a chance to apply what they’ve learned by drawing/ writing something to help them remember this truth of God. And the lesson closes with prayer prompts to go along with the lesson.

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