Armor of God for Kids "How to Win Against Sin" Bible Lessons

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The Armor of God is a great passage of Scripture to teach to children. It is visual and has immediate, real world applications for them. The 9 lesson unit covers Ephesians 6:10-20. It is entitled “How to Win Against Sin” because our real battle is against sin, and with Jesus, we can win.

These lessons are very user-friendly. Even a first-time Sunday school teacher can confidently teach with this! I have included teacher preparation, including Scripture to read for your own benefit and growth. Within the teaching part of the lesson, I have italicized what you can simply read to the children. I would suggest however reading through it and presenting the information in your own way.

“Armor of God” Lessons

  1. Our Enemy, Our Hero (worksheet and puzzle)
  2. The Belt of Truth (worksheets)
  3. The Breastplate of Righteousness
  4. The Shoes of the Gospel of Peace
  5. The Shield of Faith
  6. The Helmet of Salvation
  7. The Sword of the Spirit
  8. Battle Plan: Prayer
  9. Declare it Boldly!

Song about “The Armor of God”

You can get a DVD with this song and memory verse song for each piece of the armor of God from Sword Smith Records.

Think about how much better our lives would be if we woke up every day and put on the armor that God has given us. Use it to protect yourself from the schemes of the devil. This catchy song includes Ephesians 6:10-11 word for word, and helps kids memorize and understand the armor of God! This is part of a set of songs that goes along with the armor of God. We have a Bible Verse Memory song that goes along each element of the armor! Check it out at Belt of truth – Every Word of God (Proverbs 30:5) Breastplate of Righteousness – Turn Away (Psalm 34:14-15) Shoes of the Gospel – Go Therefore (Matthew 28:19) Shield of Faith – Faith (Hebrews 11:1) Helmet of Salvation – He Made Him to Be Sin (2 Corinthians 5:21) Sword of the Spirit – All Scripture is Breathed Out by God (2 Timothy 3:16-17)

Outline: Every lesson follows the same basic outline. It includes Scripture references, Teacher Preparation, Theme, Memory Verse, a game, the lesson itself, a poster piece, a craft and activity page.

Each activity comes with two choices: one for older children and one for non-readers.

More Suggestions & Resources

The Poster is an important part of each lesson. It allows for easy review and helps the kids to get excited for the next lesson. I have included a few basic pieces for the poster. They will fit nicely on a regular sized piece of poster board. For the children and the pieces of armor, use the wonderful coloring pages found on this website. Be as elaborate as you like for the background of the poster. Feel free to add a castle and green forest, or just use markers to outline a few trees, the sun and grass. (download)

Most of the crafts use 18 inch by 12 inch construction paper and basic school supplies. You will also need feathers and poster board for a couple of lessons.

Be sure to stay in prayer and follow the teacher preparation. As the Lord teaches you, you will become better equipped to teach the children. Most of all, just love on the kids and Jesus would, and have a great time together!

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  1. We have a small congregation and wanted to do vacation Bible school not only for our kids but for kids in the neighborhood The curriculum on the whole armor of God was awesome we kept the cost down and the kids loved it. Thank you

  2. Thank you so much for this excellent resource page. I am a high school teacher who has been thrown into the deep end teaching 5 year olds Sunday School. It is quite a different challenge. I am so grateful for the guidance and inspiration you offer on this site. In particular all the free resources that are of such a high quality. Thank you! May you continue to be blessed. Your resources have blessed me and my little Sunday School group. Thank you!!

  3. this website is awesome for kids ministry I really enjoy using this site for our church children’s ministry our kids faces light up with joy when we teach them of the word of the Lord our God. My heart fills with joy to be able to introduce this wonderful teaching of the word of God. Praise the Lord for these wonderful sites and tool that we can use to teach our children in the ministry about the works and wonders of the Lord our God our savior. Amen


  5. I am new to teaching younger kids and found this lesson to be on target. This past Sunday we did lesson one and the children loved the game. Thank you for this wonderful lessons

  6. Thank you for this teaching series, looking forward to bringing it to our KidsChurch group this term. Please can you tell me where to find the “Our Enemy Our Hero” activity page mentioned in the first week’s teaching, I can’t seem to locate it.
    Many thanks

  7. Thank you so much for this teaching series, I enjoy it and definitely I will use it to our KidsChurch group.
    Thank you again
    God bless you

  8. Thank you very much for this amazing resource we planning to use it in August day camp . May God bless this ministry.

  9. For the past four years my husband and I have been teaching Bible in the public school as one of our many ministries (as missionaries in a foreign country). We teach first through ninth graders, and these lessons are wonderful. They can be applied to any age! I use them for the adult ladies, too. Thank you!

  10. Thank you for this resource. My husband and I are church planting. From week to week I never know whether it will be just my 4 kids or up to 12 kids if everyone comes. Ages range from 2-12. As much as I’d like to be organised, I’m usually not and spend Saturday afternoon trying to pull something together. In those moments I’m truely grateful for resources like this. Thank you.

  11. This is a very well prepared lesson. Thanks for sharing it. The only thing I did not find was the boy and girl for the poster board “How to win against sin”.

  12. I teach special needs adults at our Church. Thank you so much for sharing your great ideas! You helped fill in some gaps that the curriculum I was using had.
    May God bless you for sharing!

  13. Hello Tara, I’m currently translating this curriculum into french for our children’s program. Thank you for sharing it and for the blessing you are to the Christian community around the world!

  14. Hi, can I use the free VBS materials on my youtube online teaching? Please let me know. Thank you and God bless!

  15. absolutely – any of the free materials from Ministry-To-Children can be used anywhere for ministry – God Bless

  16. Hi i love this , its great to learn new things that the kids really needs to learn even adults needs this. am glad i found you guys keep it up.

  17. Your teaching materials have been a great inspiration to my children bible club. May God continue to strengthen your ministry as you bless others. God bless.

  18. Dear family in the Lord,
    Thank you very much for the beautiful, precious material.
    I use this for my little children and other little visitors. We are a Dutch speaking family and so I translated the texts into dutch.
    Many blessings of peace, love, truth, joy, encouragement and creativity we pray onto this ministry.
    Love, Marjolein and family

  19. Hello, Tony!

    I am so pleased to have access to these wonderful resources! Our church is now having In Person services and we are once again offering our kids worship during the service. Ephesians 6:10-20 is a perfect scripture for our kids to dive into during this season of Covid 19!

    I need your assistance. When I click on the link to DOWNLOAD the entire Armor of God series, all worksheets, and coloring pages in one zip file. (11MB), a google drive screen opens up that says “No preview available. File is in owner’s trash.” I would be grateful if you are able to re-link all of the resources in one zip file.

    Thank you so much!

    In Him Who loves us!

    Stacey Wiley
    Raleigh NC

  20. With COVID life, I want to start teaching my nieces & nephews. What you have provide is beyond helpful! I was unable to find the boy & girl images for the poster board. I would be even more grateful if you can share it here. Thanks a million! 😀

  21. In our Sunday Morning Worship Service our Pastor has been preaching on the Whole Armor of God. I teach Sunday School for ages 8-12 and wanted to illustrate the “pieces of armor” visually. Yesterday was our 1st lesson and the children LOVED it. We our excited to move through this series. Thank you so much and may God bless you.

  22. I have been using ministry-to-children material for about 5-6 years for Trail To Life Camp in Thailand. I have used the free material and last year I purchased a series to run camp. Though the last 2 years, we have held in house camp due to covid and camp has been modified time wise. Normally, we would have 80-100 Thai hill tribe and some Thai children attending camp. This material has been, so far, Biblically strong. Easy to use. Normally, I would have a team of World Race young adults and some other folks coming from around the States. Our resident staff utilized the material well!

  23. Thank you for posting this lesson it is perfect for our church as we transition from home church into our building. I don’t know if I possibly missed it or not but, where do I find the boy and girl for the poster?

  24. Thank you for this wonderful free, easy to use lessons & material that teaches and enforces the scripture to the children. This is a wonderful curriculum in which the children can have fun as they learn through games and activities. Thank you for allowing God to use you to help others around the world as they reach the hearts of children for the Lord. May God continue to bless you and use you for His service. Your labor is not in vain!!! Blessings!!

  25. Thankyou for the ideas you have shared- they are most helpful! I will be speaking about the belt of truth to the children today.

    God bless you, and this ministry.

    Jeremy Richards

  26. These lessons are amazing! I use them for personal Bible Study with my three boys aged 3, 5 and 8. I love how you help us to adapt the lessons for different age groups. They are all learning through the same lesson.

    May God bless you for helping to grow His Kingdom – for it is especially for the children!

  27. In lesson 1 when making the poster board, I found the angles. But I can’t find the boy and girl in shorts

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