The Story of Creation for Kids

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Kids need to know the story of creation. God made everything in 6 days to show his creative power. Start with our printable coloring pages, complete Sunday School lessons, and video Bible stories.

We’ve partnered with the Sunday School Store to update and revise our popular Days of Creation Bible lessons. Scroll down to find the original free versions, or visit the revised 8-unit curriculum about God’s Work of Creation.

The Creation Story – Kids’ Video

Download this free Creation Story video on Vimeo

More “Story of Creation” Teaching Material

This page contains links to all our lesson plans, learning activities, and coloring pages related to the story of creation. “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the Earth.” Genesis 1:1

Bible Lessons about Creation Story

Elementary Editions (included in PDF above)Creation Day #1 |  Creation Day #2Creation Day #3Creation Day #4Creation Day #5Creation Day #6 & 7Creation Review Lesson

Preschool Editions (not included above) Creation Day #1 |  Creation Day #2Creation Day #3Creation Day #4Creation Day #5Creation Day #6 & 7Creation Review Lesson | Preschool Creation Story Video | Teaching Preschoolers about Creation

Toddler Lessons: God Made Everything!

Media: Video Bible story of Creation

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“Days of Creation” Coloring Pages

Print or Download the "Let there be light" coloring page
Let There Be Light
God Made the Sky and Sea Coloring Sheet
God Made Sky & Sea
God Created the Land Coloring Sheet
God Made Land
Let the Land Produce
God Made Sun, Moon, Stars
God Made Animals, Fish, Birds
Adam and Eve Coloring Page
Adam and Eve Coloring Page
God Rested, It Was Very Good

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  1. Thank you so much for offering these lessons for free. We’re trying to start a childrens outreach program and these are perfect!

  2. Thank you for your material. I wanted to see the comments by the stars.However, it receded 3 stars. Totally unintentional.

  3. I am thankful for your work here in God’s name! I am planning to use these lessons with my grandchildren, two of which have no access to hear about God! Thank you !

  4. Thank you for the free lesson downloads on creation. Just what I was looking for as I plan for next week’s lessons. Awesome activities and thoughts about our awesome God. May you receive a hundredfolds return for your generosity.
    Jokapeci Tukana

  5. Thank you so much for the free lessons and activities as well. It helped me a lot in my Bible Study groups in our evangelism outreach program in our community. God bless you and your work.
    Cathy Agaid
    Quezon City, Philippines

  6. This looks a great site Ive just come across…teaching a very small group of children in Auckland New Zealand. God Bless you and the children we are sharing the gospel with..
    Maureen Harrington
    Auckland New Zealand.

  7. Hi Pastor Tony,
    thank you for allowing access to these materials for Sunday School Kids to be taught in the word. It is so much appreciate.
    God bless your ministry and your good works for the furtherance of His Kingdom.

  8. Thank you so very much for sharing these awesome lessons they’re great and I love them they’re really helpful and are helping a great deal. Stay blessed

  9. your work has actually made a positive impact on kids,and God will richly bless you for that.More grace to your endevours

  10. I’m so impressed with all the free resources this site has to offer. All glory to God as we impart this knowledge unto our children. God bless you Tony and the authors for this website and its creative materials.

  11. Thank you so much much,i am a Sunday school teacher from Kenya..with a high call in children ministry.i am looking for people or material that can equip me in my teaching work, I am glad i can learn something here

  12. God bless you! My husband and I serve smaller churches so I really appreciate these treasures that I can print for free!

  13. I’m scanning from google, looking for free printable materials and lessons. Thank God I saw this. Big help like us here from Philippines. Be blessed continually.

  14. Thanks so much for making it easy for us to minister to our children. The Creation story is so important for them to know. we are sure they will enjoy every bit of it. God bless you greatly.

  15. Its indeed a very good n important thing to teachthe children about God and his activities,,,,i extend my sincere thanks to all that hve laid such a nice programme to help we who hve started up the childrens’ ministry may our good Lord bless u

  16. thank you very much for sharing to us these resources for our sunday schoool program. We can overcome anything through the Word of God. Lets continue to spread the Love of JESUS. Godbless

  17. May God bless your work !! Thank you so much I used this material to Teach young Chinese kids about GOD 💛🙌🏼

  18. Hello man of God thanks a lot for this great and noble work.
    We need this in our churches for many have forgotten the children ministry.
    I am ready to work with you from Kisii Kenya Africa.
    God bless and keep you.

  19. Hi! Thank you so much for giving us free access to these things! so much help in my ministry.. the Kids are so excited to do activities such as this! I pray that the Lord would bless you more. God bless!

  20. Why do all your lessons on creation say “Light was the first thing God made”? Then go on to say God separated the water…… Who made the water??

  21. Thank you very much for allowing us the free materials to teach the children about the word of God. I volunteered to teach the children in our church and I find the materials very helpful.

    Thank you,

    Juliet from Kenya.

  22. Thank you for this😌It will really help us a lot especially to the children who need to know more about the Lord Jesus Christ. GOD Bless your ministry🙏 and GOD will surely bless you🤍

  23. This is EXACTLY what I have been searching for !!! We are a very small church with limited resources, both monetarily and in manpower. This program is simple, yet exciting………and activity-filled.
    Thank you SO much for making this available. God bless you !!

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