Lesson: The Tower of Babel

Teach students to practice humility. Includes a lesson, game, and craft. Needed: Charade cards, Charade cards printed in another language (you can use Google Translate to get an approximate translation of the phrases you enter), a picture of a world map , drawing paper, crayons or colored pencils or markers Game: Charades Prepare a number of charade cards beforehand with … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Lesson: Noah’s Big Mistake

Teach students about the dangers of alcohol but also about forgiving others. Includes a teaching guide and 2 games. Game: Try Not to Laugh Make funny faces at the kids. The first one that laughs has to get up and make funny faces at the group. Keep playing until everyone has had a chance to stand up. If some are … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Lesson: Noah’s Ark and the Flood

Why was Noah saved out of all the people on earth? How can we be saved? Includes a lesson, game, class activity, and snack idea. Needed: Bibles, Legos or building blocks of some kind, a picture of a rainbow, Bingo sheets and animal crackers Intro Activity Build a couple of simple objects out of building blocks beforehand. A tower, wall, … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Lesson: Enoch Disappears!

What does having a personal relationship with the Lord look like? Includes a teaching guide and 2 games. Needed: Bibles, random objects, trash bags or strings to tie children’s legs together Intro Game: “What’s Missing?” Place a variety of objects on the table or around the room. Have students close their eyes, and then take one of the objects and … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Lesson: Cain and Abel

My lesson on the “fall out” from the Fall with a story about Adam and Eve’s very different sons, Cain and Abel. The object lesson and story game at the end will help students connect the message to their lives. Needed: A twenty-dollar bill (or something comparable) Intro Activity Pull out a $20 bill and hand it to one of … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Lesson: The Story of the Fall

A drama and questions to read with your class, 2 object lesson activities, and 2 games. Needed: candy or treats; a potato or another object to pass around; a ripped up dollar bill, a crumbled up cookie, or a similar broken prize (Optional: a copy of the script for each of your characters, included after the leader’s guide) Intro Activity … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Lesson: Created to Be Like God

What is the Lord like? How does He can we follow His example? Includes a lesson and craft activity. Needed: drawing paper and markers or crayons Intro Craft Activity Give each student a piece of paper and some crayons and instruct them to draw a person as best as they can. When finished, allow students to show their drawings to … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Lesson: Male and Female

How does God want men and women to help each other? Includes a teaching guide and game. Needed: Bibles Intro Game Activity: Agree or Disagree? (Have students line up in the middle of the room. The leader reads the following statements and the children move to the right side of the room if they agree with the statement, the left … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Lesson: Created as Stewards

How can we care for the great gift of the world the Creator has given us? Includes a lesson, 2 games, and an optional service project. Needed: Bibles Tell students to imagine the following scenario: Pretend that you’ve just drawn the best picture you’ve ever done. You’re so proud of it and it’s so good that you know you could … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Lesson: Why Did God Create the World?

Why did God create the world?

Explore the days of creation and then answer the big question: God created us because He wanted us! Includes a teaching guide and craft activity. Needed: A large roll of paper or poster board and markers or crayons Bible Lesson Ask students, How many of you have ever drawn a picture? Think of the best picture you’ve ever drawn. What … More Children’s Ministry Resources

"Genesis" Bible Coloring Page

This free Genesis coloring page can be used to introduce children to the first book of the Bible. It begins our series for each book in the Bible. Download the print-friendly PDF version. We also uploaded the JPEG image for anyone who would like to customize the coloring sheet. In one illustration, Mandy has show several of the main themes from the … More Children’s Ministry Resources

The Story of Creation for Kids

The Days of Creation Curriculum for Kids

Kids need to know the story of creation. God made everything in 6 days to show his creative power. Start with our printable coloring pages, complete Sunday School lessons, and video Bible stories. We’ve partnered with the Sunday School Store to update and revise our popular Days of Creation Bible lessons. Scroll down to find the original free versions, or … More Children’s Ministry Resources