Kids Worship Songs + Scripture Memorization Music

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forever-grateful-musicI’ve listened to quite a selection of Scripture cd’s over the past 30 years, but haven’t found any I like better than the Hide the Word cd’s put out by Mark Altrogge, senior pastor of Sovereign Grace Church in Indiana, Pennsylvania and writer of such great songs for worship as “I Stand in Awe” and “I’m Forever Grateful.” From Mark’s Forever Grateful Music website: “Hide the Word combines the power of music with the power of repetition to make memorizing God’s Word easy. Each Scripture, including its reference, is made into a song. Each Scripture is repeated at least 3 times per song. As you play the music while driving, doing dishes, or any other time throughout your day, you will find yourself quickly picking up the verses and recalling them from memory.”
This is all true, as I can attest to! The memorable arrangements and excellent production of these cd’s makes them irresistible. Kids and adults alike love them, and the fact that they make Scripture memorization so effortless and enjoyable makes them a truly wonderful resource. A total of eight cd’s—that’s over 160 Scriptures set to music—are available at the website. They will make helpful additions to your church’s and family’s efforts to memorize Scripture, and they make great gifts, as well. I intend to use them as giveaways and awards in our AWANA program.
We need to hide God’s word in our hearts so that we will not sin against Him, and a resource that so wonderfully facilitates that is a good find! You can order Hide the Word Scripture memorization cd’s at Forever Grateful Music.
Quick update: This music library has grown and they’ve produced several new CDs of worship songs since we first wrote this post. Be sure to check them out and find ways to sing the scriptures with your children.

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