Free Download: Christian Music Videos for Kids Church

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Seeds Family Worship is giving everyone a free download of I BELIEVE DVD…. No strings attached.  It has 20 videos to word-for-word scripture 10 original videos and 10 hand motion videos. It also comes with a free streaming license so it can be used in church, home or streaming. 

Here’s their announcement:

We want every family & church to experience Seed Family Worship so we are giving every family & church the I BELIEVE DVD Download for FREE. No strings attached! You can use this at home and church plus it comes with a full, free streaming license.

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What is better than your kids enjoying amazing music videos while learning God’s Word? You will find every video on this DVD was written to word-for-word scripture from the ESV version of the Bible. We are confident your family and church will be strengthened and encouraged by these melodies written to God’s Word.

Click here to visit their website and download now.

Here are a few music videos that are included:

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