New Sovereign Grace Kids Music "Walking with the Wise"

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I’ve been a fan of the Sovereign Grace kids music for a few years and really enjoyed their first and second CDs. In fact, we used some of the songs for the worship music in our kids ministry programs. We’ve also handed them out as family worship resources for parents.
So, I was excited today to get an email about their latest project. It’s called “Walking with the Wise” and contains 13 songs inspired by the book of Proverbs. According to their website, the music is aimed at children ages 6-10. We found their other CDs appeal to a much broader age range, especially on the older side.
You can hear song samples on their website and even download a free track from the CD. I’ve been checking out the clips and really can’t wait to get copies out in our church. These songs teach biblical truth in a way that really sticks.
I love the way they keep bringing the lyrics back to Jesus and the Gospel. It’s easy to make ‘being wise’ a moral value that kids should work toward and forget that God’s grace is required. But these songs keep Jesus the focus and will help children to avoid a moralistic religion. Here is a great example from the song To Tell the Truth.

To tell the truth is what I want to do
Because You love the lips that speak the truth
To tell a lie leads me away from You
So help me, God, to tell the truth

You can see the real problem with lying is how it pushes us away from God. Just like all sin it works against our relationship with God. Consider the Gospel-focused message of the final song titled Who Can Say.

Who can say, “I have made my heart pure
I am clean from my sin”?
No one’s blameless in God’s holy eyes
That’s why the Savior came
Jesus, Jesus, only You did everything right
Jesus, Jesus, died and rose
So we could have new life

Again, Sovereign Grace has produced new kids music rich in biblical truth and the grace of God. I can’t think of anything I’d rather hear my little ones singing as they face the struggles of life. May God use this CD to help a generation of children walk with the wise.

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