St. Patrick: Hero of Christian History

The True Tale of Patrick Much myth and legend surrounds the story of Patrick, born in Britain in the late 4th century. St. Patrick is often reduced to a mythical figure who performed magical feats (like driving all the snakes out

A Brief History of Sunday School

For many of us, Sunday school is a deeply rooted tradition, although it is actually a rather modern institution. Have you ever wondered about the origins and history of Sunday school? If so, here are a few facts you may

Fool Moon Rising (A Book Review)

“Dear God, “I heard a cosmic story and wondered if it’s true. The Moon was stealing glory and this is what he’d do.” So begins a highly enjoyable and quite profound new children’s book from Crossway Books, cleverly titled Fool

Why Catechize Kids?

Q: Who made you? A: God made me. (Genesis 1:26, 27; 2:7; Ecclesiastes 12: 1; Acts 17:24-29) from A Catechism for Boys and Girls What is catechism? The term “catechism” is one that may well bring up images of a

How To Connect Older Adults and Children in Your Church

Do the elderly members of your congregation know the names of the children and their parents in your church? Is there much meaningful interaction between the youth and children’s departments?  Does fellowship exist across the generations? If the answer is

Children and Storytelling

The July 31, 2009 broadcast of the Albert Mohler radio program features an interview by guest-host Dr. Russell Moore with singer and musician Andrew Peterson on the need children have for rich, wonderful story. Dr. Moore asks the question, “Does

Children's Workers Need "Big Church!"

Your church, like mine, is likely blessed with dedicated volunteers who gladly give their time and energy to children’s ministry. But have you ever known volunteers who serve so willingly they never seem to make it to “big church” on

Teaching Children About Singing

Tony’s review got me thinking about singing in the church, especially regarding children. As the folks at Sovereign Grace Music demonstrate, there’s no better time to instruct our children in the doctrine of singing than when they are young. Ephesians