Family Discipleship In The Summertime

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Summertime is a more relaxed season of the year for many families (although with vacations, baseball, and family reunions our schedules can still be hectic!) But summer is a good time to remind ourselves as parents that growth in the grace and knowledge of God doesn’t take summer breaks. The summer months present a great opportunity for Christian moms and dads to faithfully model disciplines of Bible study, prayer and fellowship to their children. Here are a few tips to help encourage parents to keep up with their family ministry:

1. Keep consistent habits of Bible study and prayer.

Summer schedules are often such that it’s easy to let things slide, but it’s good to teach our kids that God is central to our lives no matter what else is going on. Reading His word and praying together each day, whether we are at home or on vacation, models our dependence on Him to our children, and proves we practice what we preach.

2. Try to schedule vacations and other activities so that, as often as possible, you can attend your local church.

It is encouraging to pastors and congregations when members make it a priority to be present, and it shows respect for God’s command (Hebrews 10:25). We help our children when we teach them that we don’t view church attendance as “seasonal.”

3. If your family is away from home on Sunday, try to find a good church in that area to visit with.

This may seem a novel idea initially, but it is consistent with the desire to model to our children the priority of hearing God’s word preached and meeting with His people on the Lord’s day. It’s fun, and interesting, too.

4. Even when (especially when!) on the road, don’t neglect those good habits of daily Bible reading and prayer.

Making God your highest priority each day teaches your children true things about Him that words alone will not.

Share Your Summertime Family Discipleship Ideas

What are some experiences you’ve had as a family in maintaining church attendance and family Bible study and prayer over the summer months? Please share your thoughts on this topic!

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