7 Summer Outreach Ideas

It’s that time of year! Time to get into the community and meet new people. This summer, try one of these seven outreaches or use them all and you may experience a surprising increase in attendance. Meet new families or

"Summer Sunday Camp" Theme Idea

Looking for an inexpensive summer theme for a VBS, kids’ event or Sunday School? You can easily put together a summer Sunday camp with items from around your home. Kids love this playful theme and it works for day and

Preventing Heat Related Illnesses in Children

It is vital to be aware of heat related illnesses in children, especially if they are entrusted to our care for summer programming.  The entire staff should be briefed on prevention, identification, and treatment. Most likely, a child experiencing an

How to Plan a Kids Ministry Camp

Every summer my church holds a Kids Camp for our elementary aged children.  This is one of the most fun events we have and I always look forward to those 3 days every year.  Here are a few suggestions in