Summer Bible Reading Plan for Children (and Parents)

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Children’s Worship Bulletins has shared some super helpful PDF summer reading plans for kids and their parents. This would be a powerful way to encourage family discipleship in our church or kids ministry this summer.

 So, your church may want to consider hosting a Summer Bible Reading Challenge this summer, just as many community libraries do! Setting up a challenge is a terrific way to engage with adults, youth and children during the summer months while also encouraging the good habit of always staying strong through God’s holy Scriptures.

The children’s Bible Reading Plan consists of 27 different reading squares. Each square lists a small section of Scripture to read and then provides a question, activity or prayer that corresponds with that Bible verse or passage. 

Start by reading Bible verses about summer.

Each Bible Reading Plan features 26.2 days of daily reading suggestions, perfect for completing in one month with a few grace days to spare.   

The PDF version is ideal to use as it is, while the Microsoft Publisher files allow you to add your own church information or change the title to match the name of your church’s summer reading program.  

Summer Bible Reading Matters for Children

There are a few reasons why summer Bible reading is important for kids. First, the Bible is full of stories that can teach them valuable lessons. There are also many examples of people who put their faith in God and were successful because of it. Reading the Bible can give kids a foundation to build their lives upon.

Another reason why summer Bible reading is important for kids is because it helps them to stay connected to God even when they’re out of school. It’s easy for kids to get busy with other activities during the summer and forget about their relationship with God. By reading the Bible, they can keep Him at the forefront of their mind and stay connected to Him.

Why is summer bible reading important for kids?

It’s important for kids to read the Bible during the summer because it helps them stay connected to God, and it helps prepare them for the upcoming school year. During the school year, they’ll be learning about Bible stories from their teachers, and it will be helpful for them to have already read those stories themselves. Plus, it’s a good way to keep them reading throughout the summer months.

What is a good Bible for children to read?

There are a lot of different Bibles that are good for children to read. One option is the New International Reader’s Version (NIRV), which is specifically designed for beginning readers. The NIRV is a translation of the Bible that is written at a third-grade reading level, making it perfect for children who are just starting to learn to read. Another option is the New Living Translation (NLT), which is also written at a third-grade reading level. The NLT uses everyday language to make the Bible easy to understand, and it includes helpful study notes and introductions that will help children understand the stories and teachings of Scripture.

How can I encourage my child to read their Bible?

First and foremost, parents should lead by example by reading the Bible themselves. Next, parents should find a way to make the Bible relevant to their child’s life. Finally, parents should encourage their child to read the Bible in a comfortable setting.

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