Summer Bible Reading Plan for Children (and Parents)

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Children’s Worship Bulletins has shared some super helpful PDF summer reading plans for kids and their parents. This would be a powerful way to encourage family discipleship in our church or kids ministry this summer.

 So, your church may want to consider hosting a Summer Bible Reading Challenge this summer, just as many community libraries do! Setting up a challenge is a terrific way to engage with adults, youth and children during the summer months while also encouraging the good habit of always staying strong through God’s holy Scriptures.

The children’s Bible Reading Plan consists of 27 different reading squares. Each square lists a small section of Scripture to read and then provides a question, activity or prayer that corresponds with that Bible verse or passage. 

Each Bible Reading Plan features 26.2 days of daily reading suggestions, perfect for completing in one month with a few grace days to spare.   

The PDF version is ideal to use as it is, while the Microsoft Publisher files allow you to add your own church information or change the title to match the name of your church’s summer reading program.  

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