Announcing “Bible Beach Club,” an Exciting Summer Children’s Ministry Curriculum

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Introducing Bible Beach Club: A Summer Blessing for Your Children’s Ministry

Hello everyone, Tony Kummer here from The Sunday School Store! I’m thrilled to share some exciting news with all of you who are dedicated to the spiritual growth and engagement of children in your ministry. We’ve just launched a brand new curriculum for the summer that I believe is going to be a wonderful addition to your children’s programs. It’s called “Bible Beach Club,” and it’s specifically designed for the warm, vibrant summer months.

“Bible Beach Club” is a 4-week children’s ministry curriculum that brings the beach to your classroom. We’ve packed it with vivid, engaging stories about Jesus’ beachside miracles. From Jesus calming the storm to His miraculous breakfast on the shore, each lesson is designed to not only captivate young minds but also to deepen their understanding of Jesus’ presence and power.

Download the sample lesson now and get excited about this program.

What makes “Bible Beach Club” ideal for your summer programming? Well, it’s crafted to resonate with the fun and casual vibes of summer, making it the perfect setting to explore these transformative Bible stories. The curriculum is filled with interactive activities, including games, crafts, and meaningful discussions—all designed to make the biblical stories come alive for your kids.

This series isn’t just another set of lessons; it’s a journey into the heart of the Gospels, portrayed through a lens that children can relate to and understand. Each week, the children will explore a different aspect of Jesus’ miraculous powers, learning that no matter the situation, Jesus is always capable of bringing peace and guidance into our lives.

I’m particularly excited about how “Bible Beach Club” emphasizes Jesus as a real and relatable presence. For instance, the story of Jesus cooking breakfast on the beach after His resurrection is a powerful reminder of His care and His desire to be part of our everyday lives—even in the simplest activities like sharing a meal.

We’ve made sure that “Bible Beach Club” is easy to implement, requiring minimal preparation, which means more time for you and your volunteers to engage with the children and less time worrying about logistics. Whether your church is large or small, this curriculum is flexible and can be adapted to fit your needs.

I’m confident that “Bible Beach Club” will be a blessing to your ministry and an enriching experience for your kids. It’s available now, just in time for your summer planning. Check it out and see how it can add some extra sunshine to your children’s ministry this year!

Thank you for letting me share this exciting news with you. Here’s to a summer filled with faith, fun, and the fellowship of our amazing Savior, Jesus Christ!

Tony Kummer

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