7 Summer Outreach Ideas

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Summer Ideas for Kids Ministry
It’s that time of year! Time to get into the community and meet new people. This summer, try one of these seven outreaches or use them all and you may experience a surprising increase in attendance. Meet new families or build stronger ties with current ones with these fun summer outreaches.
Host a puppet class. This outreach only takes a few hours! For the first hour, help amateur puppeteers make sock puppets. During the second hour, show kids how to make facial expressions like surprise, sadness or joy with their puppets. Have recorded songs ready like, “Jesus Loves Me” and teach kids how to “sing” with their puppets.
Invite the community to a summer movie night.ย You need a DVD projector and an appropriate family-friendly DVD for this one. Have canned sodas, popcorn or nacho cheese to offer guests at intermission.
Prayers for pets. Kids care about their pets. Open your kids’ church for pets one Saturday. Tell kids to come by and bring their pets for a free photo and prayer. Spend time with kids and their four-legged friends.
Start a reading club. What a great way to get kids reading good books! Create a summer reading list and invite kids to sign up to participate. It may be helpful to have some copies of the books available to share. Meet once a week or a month to discuss the book and read aloud together.
Host a reading hour. Invite kids to come by and hear you read a story. You could offer a summer reading hour on a Saturday or a Friday evening.
Make Saturday Art Day. Invite a local art teacher to come hold a fun class on finger painting or making a collage. Set aside a Saturday as an Art Day.
Drive thru Sno Cones. Who doesn’t like a chilly refreshing Sno-Cone on a hot day? If you have access to a shaved ice machine, set it up outdoors and offer free cones. Invite people to attend your church and get to know the folks in your community. Have folks from different church ministries there like the van and teens ministries!

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