The Watchmaker: Intelligent Design Video For Kids

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Have you seen the video called “The Watchmaker,” produced by Kids4Truth? It is a nicely told parable illustrating the folly of believing that the human race sprang into being by random chance. Just as the intricate parts of a watch could not possibly come together by accident to create a sophisticated timepiece, so the even more intricate and detailed workings of the human body and mind could never have come about by chance. Rather, man is the unique creation of the ultimate Creator, God, who like the watchmaker on earth, has carefully and purposefully designed His amazing creation.
Here’s the link to the Watchmaker video.
The Watchmaker is presented in simple but effective dynamation. It can be viewed online at the Kids4Truth website, and can also be purchased there and downloaded to your computer. This makes a great presentation at the beginning or end of a children’s class, or to help reinforce teaching about creation. Kids4Truth offers several other dynamation videos dealing with various topics. They also offer an interesting curriculum idea and philosophy, which I hope to write more about soon.

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