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Find the right curriculum for your children’s ministry. These 100% free resources are perfect for kids’ church or any time you need a Bible study to teach children.

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Gods Rules Ten Commandments for Kids Lesson Study - children's ministry curriculum

God’s Good Rules: Curriculum for Children’s Ministry

This 12-week children’s ministry curriculum is based on the Ten Commandments for Kids. Each study includes coloring pages, games, and craft ideas for each lesson. Kids will discover the truth of God’s law, their trouble to obey, and the free salvation Jesus offers on account of the cross.

42 week  children's ministry curriculum on the attributes of God -

42 Week Curriculum the Attributes of God for Children

One of the most important tasks of anyone in charge of children’s ministry is that of deciding what truth to teach the children under your care. In my years as a children’s ministry director it was one task that I took very seriously. There were so many things I wanted the children in our church to know, but as I listed them out, they all boiled down to the gospel: who is God?, who is man? and what did Jesus do? With these three simple questions and spiritual guidelines in mind I started forming our children’s materials.

32 lessons children's ministry curriculum from the Psalms about praising God

32 Week Kids Curriculum on the Psalms

God deserves praise! That’s why the book of book of Psalms is a wonderful study of spiritual worship. This 32 lesson children’s ministry curriculum will help kids understand and experience the character of God and respond with praise.

Armor of God children's ministry curriculum

“How To Win Against Sin” 9 Week Children’s Ministry Curriculum

The Armor of God is a great passage of Scripture to teach to children. It is visual and has immediate, real world applications for them. The 9 lesson unit covers Ephesians 6 verse 10-20. It is entitled “How to Win Against Sin” because our real battle is against sin, and with Jesus, we can win.

children's ministry curriculum on the Lord's s prayer

The Lord’s Prayer: 10 Studies Kids Curriculum

Use this children’s ministry curriculum to teach the Lord’s Prayer for Kids from Matthew 6 verse 9-13. In many churches, kids will memorize and recite this passage as a foundation for spiritual habits of prayer. These lesson plans and printables will reinforce that process and help kids discover the meaning in each petition of Jesus’ model prayer.

Parables of Jesus children's ministry curriculum

9-unit curriculum that studies the “Parables of Jesus”

Kids learn best through storytelling (just like the first disciples) – that’s why teaching the parables of Jesus is perfect for Sunday School and Junior Church. This 9 unit children’s ministry curriculum is 100% free to download an teach. Every verse of the Bible is important but the words of Jesus offer spiritual power for all disciples to obey.

About our Kids Ministry Curriculum

Our children’s ministry curriculum is a guide, but God empowers teachers to make the real difference. Our teaching materials are “broadly graded” that can be adapted to any grade level students. In most children’s ministry, the students are combined into one large group teaching session. All our lesson plans are flexible and allow the teacher to decide how “in-depth” to take the conversation. For example, young Kindergarten and First Grade students will need the teacher to read all the Bible passages. Second and third grade will have stronger reading skills and can benefit from simple worksheets. Older elementary students, grades four and five, will likely be ages 10-12. These preteens will enjoy deeper discussion and life applications. Each of these studies are flexible enough for any ministry.

For more ideas be sure to check out the children’s ministry curriculum available for free during the COVID-19 shutdown of kids church. We hear from parents often about how these studies have blessed their families.

More Curriculum for Your Children’s Ministry

Do you need more children’s ministry curriculum? Everyday thousands of readers visit our website for free lesson plans for their children’s ministry. Everything on this site is 100% free, and that’s exactly why I wanted to let you know about other options for free Children’s Ministry Curriculum.

Check them out and review all the excellent paid materials available for sale. Don’t miss the new Children’s Ministry curriculum series’ every month, and they always make the first lesson free for anyone to download. This includes their holiday themed lessons every year for free, and they’re always offering entire curriculum series’ for free as a way to say thanks to the people who visit their website. Jump over to their website to check it out.

I’ve used and reviewed their curriculum for years in my own children’s ministry. They have also been a great supporter of our website as a regular sponsor (helping up keep everything free here on Ministry-To-Children). If you’re familiar with them, you know they’re the most generous company you’ll find serving in Children’s Ministry.

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