Bible Teaching Skit: Modern-day story of King Josiah (2 Kings 22)

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Bible Teaching Skit: Modern-day story of King Josiah (2 Kings 22)

  • Narrator #1
  • Narrator #2 (can be combined with Narrator #1)
  • Miss Hilda
  • Dr. J
  • Nurse Harriet
  • Mr./Ms.Williams (Patient #1)
  • Mr./Ms. Goldstein (Patient #2)
  • Ms./Mr. Winters (Patient #3)


  • Scenery: five folding chairs, desk, telephone, small table, 3 magazines
  • Miss Hilda: grey wig, glasses, notepad with pencil, desk with chair
  • Dr. J: doctor’s jacket, scrubs, stethoscope, magnifying glass
  • Nurse Harriet: scrubs, stethoscope, clip board
  • Mr./Ms. Williams : (dressed as a lawyer) pant suit, briefcase
  • Mr./Ms. Goldstein: (dressed like a construction worker) construction hat, reflective vest
  • Ms./Mr. Winters: (dressed like a sick person) pajamas, blanket, teddy bear

Scenery is set: 4 chairs sit across from the desk with the telephone and a chair. The small table is placed on the opposite side of the stage. The narrators stand to the side of the scene.
Narrator #1: A long time ago in the days of the Old Testament there was a king named Josiah. He was a great king – in fact, he was the greatest ruler God’s people had encountered since King David!
Narrator #2: However, even though Josiah was a good king, a discovery in his kingdom made him an even better king. And if he lived today, his story might look something like this…
Miss Hilda enters and sits at the desk with her notepad and phone. The patients also enter and sit in the waiting room while reading magazines.
[telephone rings]
Miss Hilda: [picks up the phone and speaks in an annoying but clear voice] Hello?! This is Dr. J’s office, Miss Hilda speaking. How may I help you? Uh, huh…okay…well that’s too bad about your ingrown toenail, sir. When can you see Dr. J? Um, well, let me see…[rustles through the notepad]…How is Tuesday at ten in the morning? [slight pause] Great! We’ll see you then!” [puts the phone down]
Nurse Harriet enters the room with her clipboard in hand.
Nurse Harriet: Mr. (or Ms.) Williams? The doctor is ready to see you now.”
Mr. Williams stands and walks to the other side of the stage with Nurse Harriet.
Nurse Harriet: “Go ahead and sit on the table, please. Now, Mr. Williams, how long has it been since you lost your hearing in your left ear?”
Mr. Williams: [speaking loudly] Well, I was in court last week when all of a sudden my hearing went out. I couldn’t hear the judge’s questions and he dismissed my case. Is there anything you can do?
Nurse Harriet: Yes, Mr. Williams. I will send Dr. J right in and he will be able to help you.
Mr. Williams: [continuing to speak loudly] Thank you!
Nurse Harriet leaves the stage and Dr. J arrives to see Mr. Williams. Dr. J stands near the left side of Mr. Williams.
Dr. J: Hello, Mr. Williams! Not doing so well today?
Mr. Williams: [blank stare]
Dr. J walks to the other side of Patient #1.
Dr. J: Mr. Williams, can you hear me now?
Mr. Williams: Oh, hello there, Dr. J! I’m having a terrible time hearing out of my left ear. Can you help?
Dr. J: Why sure, Mr. Williams. Let me look in your ear.
Dr. J. examines Mr. William’s ear with the magnifying glass and jumps back with surprise. He walks back over to Mr. William’s right side.
Dr. J.: Sir, you have a baby carrot in your ear! You’ll need to leave it in there until your body figures out what to do with it.
Mr. Williams: What?! You mean it doesn’t need to come out?!
Dr. J: No, no, no – It’s not necessary to put you through that trouble. Just schedule a follow-up appointment for next week and we’ll check to see if it’s still there.
Mr. Williams: But I still can’t hear…
Dr. J: [interrupts Mr. Williams while looking around the corner] Nurse Harriet? Mr. Williams is ready to go!
Nurse Harriet arrives and escorts Mr. Williams back to the waiting room. He sits in a chair stunned.
Nurse Harriet: Is there a Mr. (or Ms.) Goldstein here? The doctor is ready to see you.
Mr. Goldstein: [Very energetically] That’s me! I can’t wait to see Dr. J! You know, I’ve seen Dr. J for a very long time and he’s one of the best doctors around!”
Nurse Harriet: Oh…well isn’t that nice? Please follow me, sir.
Mr. Goldstein follows Nurse Harriet to the other room and sits on the table. Dr. J. is waiting.
Dr. J: Why hello, Mr. Goldstein! What brings you here…?
Mr. Goldstein: [interrupting Dr. J.] I just can’t believe it! You are the most awesome doctor ever and I’m your patient. What have you done today? I’m going to organize my garage later. And then maybe run a few miles. And if I have time I might even paint my house!
Dr. J.: Um…Mr. Goldstein, you don’t seem like your normal self. What is going on?
Mr. Goldstein: Well, I’ve felt really, really, really, really good today but my boss said I was acting weird when I showed up for work. [hysterical laughter] Can you believe that guy?! What a jokester!
Dr. J: Um…
Mr. Goldstein: Anyway, he demanded I go to the doctor right away to make sure there’s nothing seriously wrong!
Dr. J: Sir, it seems to me that you are overly energetic. How many cups of coffee did you have this morning?
Mr. Goldstein: Well, I made two pots, so how many cups is that?!
Dr. J: Oh, that’s way too many. I’m going to need you to cut back on coffee. Instead, try drinking some soda. That should get you over the caffeine rush!
Mr. Goldstein: Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
Nurse Harriet walks Mr. Goldstein back to the waiting room and he sits down.
Nurse Harriet: Please wait here, Mr. Goldstein, as I complete your insurance information.
Mr. Goldstein: Okie dokie!!!
Nurse Harriet: [looking at the clipboard] Next, is there a Ms. (or Mr.) Winters here? Dr. J. is ready to see you.
Ms. Winters: [very sluggishly] That’s me…
Ms. Winters slowly stands up and leans on Nurse Harriet as they walk to the other room and Ms. Winters sits on the table. Nurse Harriet leaves the stage.
Dr. J: Oh, my! You don’t look so well, Ms. Winters!
Ms. Winters: I sure don’t feel well either. Doc, I woke up this morning feeling horrible! [sneezes loudly] ACHOOOO!!!!
Dr. J: [touches Ms. Winters forehead] Well, you’re not running a fever. Have you been sneezing a lot today? And are you eyes itchy?
Ms. Winters: Oh, yes! I just can’t stand it. Can you help me?
Dr. J: Absolutely! You’ll want to go home, preheat the oven, and cook yourself a nice frozen pizza. That’ll do the trick!
Ms. Winters: [puzzled expression] What…? Doc, I think it’s my allergies…
Dr. J: Oh, nonsense! The pizza will heal you right up and…
Nurse Harriet suddenly rushes in from the back while holding a book.
Nurse Harriet: Dr. J! Dr. J, you won’t believe what I’ve found!!!
Dr. J: [surprised] What is it, Harriet? What is that you are holding?
Nurse Harriet: It’s a medical book, sir! I found it while I was in the back looking for Mr. Goldstein’s file. I read a few pages…and couldn’t believe it! Sir, we’ve been doing everything wrong – WAY wrong!!! [hands the book to Dr. J. while he spends a few moments reading it.]
Dr. J: Oh, my…
Ms. Winters: What is it?
Dr. J: [blank stare] We’ve been doing everything wrong…
Ms. Winters: What?! So where does that leave me?
Dr. J: Well, the book says your symptoms point to allergies. I will write you a prescription for some allergy medicine, Ms. Winters. I do apologize for the inconvenience. Nurse Harriet, please inform the last two patients that I will need to reevaluate them too! We have some work to do to make things right.
Nurse Harriet walks back to the waiting room and pretends to talk to Mr. Williams and Mr. Goldstein, who both have shocked expressions.
Narrator #1: The discovery of a special book made Dr. J realize that his entire office was being run incorrectly. His patients were suffering, but now that he had the right information he would be able to help them get well.
Narrator #2: We learn from this story that we should always be willing to act on what is right. The bible tells us what is right and what is wrong, and our willingness to obey it will make all the difference.
Narrator #1: Proverbs 4:27 says, “Do not turn to the right or the left; keep your foot from evil.” It’s our job to do what we know pleases God so others will have the opportunity to trust in Jesus.

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