Autism Awareness & Mother's of Autistic Children

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A "puzzle" ribbon to promote Autism and Aspergers Awareness.The Inclusive Church blog has been running a great series of posts in honor of Autism awareness month. Amy is writing about what you should know about mothers of children with autism. It’s a fascinating look inside what is often a private struggle. These articles are so helpful for any of us in children’s ministry because Autism is a very common challenge.  Click the titles below to read her posts.

  1. She may feel relief with the autism diagnosis.
  2. She may experience the conflicting emotions.
  3. She fears exclusion.
  4. She needs your respect, not your opinion or advice.
  5. She values action over empathy.

While you’re on Amy’s blog, you need to check out her summary of special needs statistics. Here are the numbers for Autism:

1 in 110 children have an autism spectrum disorder.  1/70 boys, 1/315 girls

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