What Is The Average Salary For Children's Ministers?

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I just found this very interesting report on the Children’s Ministry Magazine website. It gives the salary breakdown for children’s ministry jobs and even lets you calculate and compare your salary based on very fine tuned demographics.
NOTE: That tool is no longer available since they updated their website. You can read their 1995 survey that listed the average salary at 31,668.

  • View this survey from Trinity Lutheran College
  • View the survey from Abilene Christian University
  • Read this article about getting a ministry pay raise.

As you might guess, there is a big gap based on church size and gender. But I was surprised that years at present church didn’t make a big difference. If you are trying to work with your church to establish a fair pay rate, this salary survey for children’s ministry staff is a great resource to have available.
It still looks like children’s ministers are paid lower salaries than pastors and youth ministers. But just remember that our real treasure is in heaven, where the last shall be first. That’s my retirement plan for now.
The reality is that most of us do this job because of God’s calling and a passion to minister to children. But if you’re like me, supporting your family is also a part of the package. So, keep these average salary figures in mind if you’re looking for a children’s ministry job.

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