Missionary Stories For Kids

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Teaching children about missions is important. Tonight I found several great websites that offer missions education for children. These were links I found on the Kids page from Wycliffe Bible translators.
Just for fun, I asked my 8 year old Son to check out these sites and give me a few comments for this post. I’ve put his thoughts in quotes new to each link below.
Wycliffe’s Kids Web  — An interactive environment with games and animated characters. This site is packed with information and missionary stories for children, but in an engaging format. My son said, “The suitcase and phone talking were a little weird. The fun facts were FUN. The things kids can do is cool.”
New Tribes Mission’s Kidstuff
— Exciting missionary story for kids with coloring pages or activities included. These would be great sunday school resources. My son said, “You should read the story God at the controls. Really, you should really read it.”
Kidz Place from the North American Mission Board — A little less in-depth than the other sites, but still a handy resource. This site deals with doing missions where we live by telling others about Jesus. My son said, “It’s pretty cool, read Out There.”

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