Children and Storytelling

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The July 31, 2009 broadcast of the Albert Mohler radio program features an interview by guest-host Dr. Russell Moore with singer and musician Andrew Peterson on the need children have for rich, wonderful story. Dr. Moore asks the question, “Does storytelling matter to children?” The program discusses the importance of telling the right stories–and telling the right Story–to children, demonstrating how storytelling has everything to do with the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Children need narrative that includes dealing with evil as evil, and the recognition of the wonderful provision that has been made for evil. Dr. Moore makes the case that it’s not our job as parents and teachers to disengage from that, or as one caller said, to change God’s story and sugar-coat it for children. A fascinating interview, and 34 minutes of information that every teacher and parent would benefit from hearing. You can listen to and download the broadcast here, and learn more about fueling a child’s moral imagination through story-telling.

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