Classic Children Prayers

simple bedtime prayers for kids - no i lay me down to sleep

When you were a child, do you remember saying model prayers? Prayers are a tradition that has been passed down for generations. This is the time when children can reflect on their day and ask for God’s protection during the night. In this blog post, we will share some of our favorite children’s prayers. Our hope is that these prayers … More Children’s Ministry Resources

How do you teach children Bible verses?

how to teach children bible verses

There are so many great ways to help kids memorize scripture. Here are a few of our favorites activities for scripture memory in your family, church, or Sunday School. 5 Ways to Teach Children Bible Verses Like everything it helps to have a plan. Here are some of my favorite ways to help kids memorize their Bible verses. In general, … More Children’s Ministry Resources

When Families Skip Church…

when families skip church

So last week’s post, STOP SHAMING BUSY PARENTS, got some mixed reactions. I think it’s a helpful conversation and a good time to rethink how our shares on Facebook might affect people who are struggling. Let’s all agree to the following… 1. Kids attending church is a good thing (excluding illness etc.) I don’t see any argument here – especially … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Poll: What is your opinion of Pokémon Go?

[polldaddy poll=9470964]   After lots of good conversation about Pokémon Go in our parent’s guide, I thought it would be helpful to poll our readers for their opinions. Feel free to sound off in the comments as well. Let’s just be respectful to one another in Christ.

Pokémon Go: What Parents Need to Know

Pokémon are everywhere…. The latest reinvention of this gaming phenomenon is going viral. It’s called Pokémon Go and it’s the biggest trend in kid culture this summer (and probably this year). In this article, I’m trying to explain the game and offer a basic guide to what parents need to know about Pokémon Go. It’s the classic capture-train-battle imaginary animals game with … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Parents That Embarrass Their Kids

Kids have such soft hearts and squishy spirits. Why would you ever want to intentionally embarrass them? That doesn’t stop some parents from humiliating their little ones and not accidentally. Let’s face it—we all embarrass our kids eventually but that’s usually because we dress too trendy or too dated or say something that makes us sound “lame.” I’m not a … More Children’s Ministry Resources

6 Cell Phones Apps for Christian Kids

You have to agree that cell phones are everywhere! Not only do parents have them “glued” to their hands but so do teens and now kids. I can’t tell you the number of birthday parties I’ve attended recently (and that’s quite a few—I’m a children’s pastor) where kids are receiving cell phones as gifts. I won’t go into all my … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Five Ways Parents Can Disciple Kids

Make disciples! That was the command of Jesus to his disciples. What better way to fulfill this command then to disciple your own children and empower others to do the same. Biblical discipleship wasn’t in the classroom, it was demonstrated through daily interaction with others — letting them see Christ-like living. Even parents who are new Christians can disciple their … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Raising Christ-Like Families in a Secular World

We live in a society that has tarnished biblical parenthood.  Our society has slowly taken males out of the equation of the family. Men, as shown by comic strips, TV, etc., are shown to be ignorant, immature and unable to do simple tasks. Both the husband and wife have a responsibility to the development of children as well as the … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Should We Compare Our Children?

Recently I became a mom of two.  My oldest son just turned seven and my newborn is now eight weeks old.  They are both joys in my life, and I am overwhelmed with gratitude that I was chosen by God to be their mother. It has definitely been challenging adding a new baby to the mix.  My son was an … More Children’s Ministry Resources

"Training Your Children" Devotional on Deuteronomy 6

In a way, this post is more for those who lead children than for children themselves, however, allow the words of Deuteronomy to reach into your heart.  Placed in the post is a deep, heartfelt discussion about raising children.  Also, there is a great Bible verse for children and parents to memorize.  May the words of Deuteronomy bless you today. … More Children’s Ministry Resources

How to Get Kids to Behave in Church

Every parent and teacher knows, if given a choice, kids would rather get up and play than sit still for long periods. However, some children have difficulty behaving even if attending a fast-paced, exciting children’s church. There are plenty of reasons why a kid would feel a compulsion to behave badly but a frazzled parent doesn’t have time to stop … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Simple Bedtime Prayers for Children

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Teaching children to pray often includes learning a few sample prayers by memory. Use these evening prayers for kids every night at bedtime. Download and print this list of children’s prayer to keep beside your child’s bed or inside their children’s Bible. You should teach kids to pray using their own words, but these route prayers are powerful tools to … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Podcast #14 The Legacy Path with Brian Haynes

In this fast moving interview, I talk with Brain Haynes about his new Christian parenting book titled The Legacy Path. Among other topics, I asked how these principles can help the non-traditional and broken families our churches need to reach with the Gospel. Update ~ Brian also responded specifically to one of my questions on his blog. Directions: To listen … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Grace Based Parenting: A Summer Must Read

I really hope that I’m not alone when I say that parenting is the hardest thing that I have ever done.  I say that in honesty and humility.  I am ashamed to say that I have misrepresented a loving God to my children with impatience, fatigue, fear, control, or manipulation at times.  This is not how God parents me. God … More Children’s Ministry Resources

"Obey Your Parents" Object Lesson

The circle of blessing is a fun way to illustrate the promise God makes to children in the 5th commandment. Use this for a fun children’s sermon on mother’s day or father’s day (or in any lesson on the 5th commandment.  Supplies Needed: Circle of about 3ft diameter. I used a piece of rope attached to the floor with masking … More Children’s Ministry Resources