Short Christian Stories for Children (Free Printable)

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Download these short stories for kids. They include Christian themes and a short devotional moment at the end. Please leave us feedback if you enjoyed the work! She has created an email for questions, comments, etc. is:

These stories are from an aspiring Christian writer named Bonnie Lucas. She wanted to share some of her children’s stories with our readers, so I gave them a quick read through. The stories were awesome and I wanted to pass them along to you. My first thought was to add some discussion questions and use them for learning actives related to different Christian topics. That would make them very useful for parents and Sunday School teachers.

New Updates to these Kids Stories

A Note From Bonnie:

A few years ago you published 3 of my stories (Grandma’s Teacup, Taylor’s Pond and Freddie’s Bathtime Adventure).  I received wonderful reviews and thank you for publishing them on your website.  I am wondering if you would have a need for any new stories.  I have revised these a little but I’m working on a series of short story lessons.

Here’s the catch. We want your feedback. Specifically, I want to know how you could imagine using these stories in your ministry. Are teaching stories something that would be useful in your ministry?

Take a look and leave a comment below. Bonnie is waiting for your feedback, so don’t be shy about leaving a comment.

Children’s Story: Grandma’s Teacup


Grandma=s house! What a wonderful place!  She was so excited she could hardly stand it!  Today was the day she was going to Grandma=s house for the summer.  As the birds chirped just outside her window, she closed her eyes again and thought about her upcoming adventure.

Grandma lived in a little town called Maplewood.  It really wasn’t=t much of a town, not like where Stella lived with her family.  Maplewood consisted of a few houses, a small general store and a little church with a white picket fence around it.  Oh, and she almost forgotYone four-way stop sign right in the middle of town at the corner where the church and general store were located.  A train came through the little town every day at 12:00 noon and 6:00 pm.  Stella and Jesse, her friend who lived next door to Grandma, would ride their bikes over to the train track each day and wave at the engineer as he sped by.  She promised Grandma that they wouldn’t get too close to the tracks and always made sure they kept their promise. 

Just as Stella was getting out of bed she heard someone yelling and a dog barking in the back yard.  She ran over to the window and there, running around the tree, was her mother and a bed sheet that seemed to be floating around the yard! 

AYou come back here, Charlie!@ Mom yelled. Charlie was Stella=s dog and known to get into all kinds of trouble.

AOh, no,@ cried Stella as she ran from her room and out to the back yard.

When she got outside she stopped in her tracks!  She couldn’t=t believe what she saw.  Stella burst out in laughter!  There, sitting on the ground was her mother and Charlie just looking at each other.  Charlie=s head was just barely visible from under the sheet and mother=s hair was all down in her face.  What a sight to see!

Stella ran over to Charlie and her mother.

AMom, are you alright?@ she asked between giggles.

Her mother parted her hair out of her eyes, looked at Stella and then at Charlie for what seemed an eternity.  All of a sudden she burst out laughing.

AStella, I’m not sure what we are going to do about Charlie, but he sure looks funny with that sheet over his head,@ she exclaimed.  AI had one last sheet to fold before our trip to Grandma’s house. I laid it in the basket and when I turned around it was just running across the yard,@ said mother.

AI guess Charlie just wants a clean sheet to lie on,@ giggled Stella.

AWell, if we are going to make it to Grandma=s house today young lady we better get going.  Go get dressed and after we have breakfast we will leave,@ said her mother.

Stella dashed off into the house to get ready so they could leave as soon as possible.         

Stella thought Grandma=s house is just the most wonderful place in all the!  The outside was white with black window shutters.  The little porch on the front of the house had a swing in front of the big living room window. All around the house were Grandma=s prized flower beds.  There she grew dozens and dozens of beautiful flowers each year.  Some were red, some yellow, some blue and some purple.  It looked like a rainbow with all the colors.  People would always stop in front of the house just to look at Grandma=s flowers.     Next to the house was a huge cherry tree.  Each summer when the cherries were ready Stella would climb the tree to pick them for Grandma=s delicious homemade cherry pie.  Of course, some of the cherries never quite made it into the bowl. They were just too good not eat as she picked them!

Stella helped her mother finish loading the car and after what seemed like an eternity trying to round up Charlie they were finally on their way.  Grandma lived a couple of hours away and Stella couldn’t wait to get there! Once they arrived she jumped out of the car and there, sitting on the swing on the front porch, was her beloved Grandma. 

Stella ran up the porch and hugged her Grandma tight.

AOh, Grandma, I have missed you so much,@ she cried.

AMy goodness, you have grown so much. I almost didn’t recognize you,@ said Grandma.

AYou think so?@ asked Stella.

 AWhy of course I do. You are almost as tall as me,@ teased Grandma.

AAlmost, but not quite,@ giggled Stella.

“Grab your suitcase out of the car and we’ll all go in the house and get some lemonade,@ said Grandma.

As they went inside Grandma said AI have a special surprise for you, my dear.@  

AOh, I love surprises!@ exclaimed Stella. 

As they entered the house, you could smell the freshly baked homemade chocolate chip cookies Grandma always had ready when Stella came to visit.  It was heavenly!  The inside of Grandma=s house was as glorious as the outside.  Brightly colored walls and pictures all around.  The sofa was like jumping on a big soft pillow.  Stella even had a room of her own at Grandma’s house.  It was painted pink and white, her favorite colors, and was decorated with everything a little girl would love.

But the most special room in the house was Grandma=s ATea Cup@ room as Stella called it. This is the room where Grandma kept her Aspecial@ things B handkerchiefs, old dresses, hats, gloves and scarves. Stella loved playing dress up in this room with Grandma.  But the thing she loved the most were Grandma’s tea cups.  She had tea cups of all shapes and sizes and collected them wherever she went.  They were all over the room, on shelves, in cabinets. Every available space in the room had a tea cup.  Her most prized tea cups were kept in a white cupboard with shiny gold handles.  They had beautiful designs painted on them and some were decorated with colorful pictures.  But her favorite was the ballerina tea cup.  It was so dainty and beautiful!  Grandma said she received it from a friend who was a ballerina.  Every time she visited, Stella begged to hold the tea cup, but Grandma always said she was too young.

Stella just knew this was the year she was going to be able to hold the Ballerina tea cup!   Grandma had promised her last year that this year she would old enough.

“I was cleaning the attic and found a trunk of some fancy old dresses and hats. I thought you might like to play dress up,@ said Grandma.

AOh, that would be nice,@ said Stella.

AWhat=s the matter, my dear?  You don=t seem very excited,@ said Grandma.  AI thought you liked to play dress up.@

Stella didn=t want to hurt Grandma=s feelings.  Maybe she wasn=t going to get to hold the ballerina tea cup after all. 

AOh, I do.  I guess I am just tired from the trip,@ she said.

AWell, you will feel much better tomorrow after a good night=s sleep,@ said Grandma.

She was so disappointed!  Grandma had forgotten her promise! She had been looking forward to this trip all year and now that she was here, she was not going to get to hold the Ballerina!

After catching up on all she had been doing and telling grandma all about school it was time for bed. 

AWe have a lot to do tomorrow,@ said Grandma as she tucked her in bed and kissed her goodnight.

The next morning when Stella got up Grandma asked, AWould you like to walk with me to Mr. Thompson=s store?”  Mr. Thompson=s General Store was just down at the end of the street.  When Grandma walked to the store Stella usually went with her. But today she just didn=t feel like it.

ANo, thank you, I think I will just stay here,@ said Stella.

AOkay, I=ll be right back,@ said Grandma as she walked out the front door.

Stella was still disappointed that Grandma had forgotten her promise about the tea cup.

AI=m a bigger now; I can hold tea cups and not break them,@ said Stella to herself.  So she ran upstairs and took out the ballerina tea cup. It was just the most beautiful thing she had ever seen.  The ballerina was dressed in the most beautiful pink tutu and ballet slippers and she had pink, purple and white flowers in her hair.  Tiny pink and white flowers adorned the cup under her feet.  Stella was day dreaming of becoming a ballerina just like the

lady on the tea cup when she heard a noise.  As she twirled around to see what it was, the tea cup fell out of her hands and crashed to the floor! 

AOh, no!@ cried Stella.  She had broken the Ballerina tea cup!   What was she going to do?  How could she ever face her grandma?  As she stood there looking down at the broken pieces, she heard Grandma downstairs.

AStella, I=m home,@ called Grandma.

Stella hurriedly picked up the broken pieces, put them in a small box she found lying on the floor and ran downstairs.

AI was just upstairs putting my suitcase away,@ lied Stella.  She knew she shouldn’t lie, but Grandma would be so angry with her.  She just knew she wouldn’t love her anymore. 

AAre you feeling ok, Stella,@ asked Grandma?  AYou look a little pale.@

AI=m fine,@ said Stella.  Oh great, she thought, another lie! 

AI think I will go find Jesse and ride our bikes for a while.  Bye!@ she yelled over her shoulder as she ran out the back door.

When she got to Jesse=s house she was crying uncontrollably.

AHi Stella.  What=s the matter with you?@ asked Jesse.

AOh, Jesse, I=ve done something awful and now my Grandma will never love me again!@

AIt can=t be that bad, can it?@ Jesse asked. 

AI broke Grandma=s Ballerina tea cup!@ she cried.

AOh, that is bad,@ said Jesse.  ABut I=m sure she will still love you.  Don=t be so silly.@

AIt gets worse.  I lied to her about it.  I was upstairs unpacking my suit case, which was lie #1.  Then when she asked me if I was feeling ok I told her I was fine, which was lie #2 but I wasn=t ok because I just broke her tea cup!  So now not only did I break her special tea cup I lied to her two times!

AStella, your Grandma will not hate you, but you do need to tell her that you broke the tea cup and that you lied to her.@

AI know, I know.  I better go back and get it over with,@ she sighed.

When she got back to the house, Grandma was in the kitchen humming a song while she was doing the dishes.

AThere you are, my sweet!@ sang Grandma. 

AGrandma, I…..@

Before Stella could complete her sentence Grandma said ACome on dear let=s go upstairs and check out those fancy dresses and hats,@ said Grandma.

AAnd while we are there, we can have a little tea party, just you, me and the Ballerina tea cup  I baked some special little cookies for the party.  I know I promised you could hold the Ballerina tea cup this year.  You are so grown up!@ said Grandma.

When they got to the Tea Cup room, Grandma headed straight for the white cabinet with little gold handles.

Grandma opened the cupboard.  AMy goodness,@ she exclaimed.  AI know it was here. I can=t seem to find the ballerina tea cup.@

 AOh, Grandma, I=m so sorry! Please don=t hate me. I thought you forgot your promise, so I got it out myself, but I heard a noise and I dropped the tea cup and it broke,@ she sobbed as she went to get the broken pieces from the box she put them in.  When she opened it up the box was empty!  

AIt=s gone!@ cried Stella.

AWhat=s gone,@ asked Grandma.

AYour Ballerina tea cup! After I broke it I put it in this little box and now it’s gone! Oh, Grandma, I=m so sorry, now even the pieces are gone!@

AStella, come here,@ said Grandma. AI could never hate you. I love you!@

AEven after what I=ve done?@ sobbed Stella.

AEven after what you=ve done,@ said Grandma.  ABut I hope you learned a lesson.@

 AOh, I have.  I was disobedient and I lied to you. I should have listened to you when you told me not to touch the tea cups. You were right,@ said Stella.

AYes, you were disobedient and dishonest when you lied.  But I know you are sorry and have learned a very valuable lesson. 

“Can you ever forgive me?” asked Stella.

Stella, the Bible says to “forgive one another as God has forgiven you.” I forgive you for your disobedience and breaking my tea cup and even lying to me. And I’m sure if you ask God to forgive you He will forgive you as well.”

“Oh, Grandma I’m going to pray and ask God to forgive me and never lie again,” said Stella.

Grandma turned back to the cabinet and said, AWell, let=s see what we have in here.@

AOh, look,@ Grandma said as she turned back around.

There, in her hand was the Ballerina tea cup, all glued back together!  You could barely see where it had broken. 

Stella and Grandma had the best summer ever that year with wonderful tea parties and made memories to last a lifetime!  But best thing of all Stella asked the Lord to forgive her and guess what?  HE DID!

Author’s Notes:

What Bible lessons could you use to teach a lesson from this story?  (Adam & Eve, Abraham and Sarah, etc.) 

What Bible principles/virtues could you bring out? (Lying, Dishonesty, Self-Control, Patience, Forgiveness, How God can pick up the broken pieces of our lives and put them back together?)

I hope you enjoy this revision.  It has been a while since I have written anything so please feel free to leave any feedback. 

Bonnie Lucas


Children’s Story: Freddy’s Bath time Adventure


            “Oh, no, not again,” cried Teddy Bear.  His brother Freddy was supposed to meet him outside by the big oak tree so they could play.  When he didn’t show up, he knew Freddy was up to something and it usually meant trouble for both of them.  As he looked through the bathroom window there, in a bathtub full of bubbles Freddy.  Now, the little bear cubs were just as cute as could be but Freddy was the mischievous one.  He just couldn’t seem to stay out of trouble.    Teddy loved his twin brother but he always seemed to get into trouble trying to keep Freddy out of trouble! 

            “I thought we agreed you would stay out of the bathtub unless Mom said it was okay?  Don’t you remember the trouble we got into the last time there were bubbles in the bathtub?” asked Teddy.

“Aaaah, it wasn’t so bad,” said Freddy.

            “Not so bad?  Are you kidding?  Mom said to stay out of the bathtub until she said we could get in.  But you just couldn’t wait and we couldn’t have any honey for two weeks because of the mess YOU made,” cried Teddy.

            “I believe it was only one week,” said Freddy as he made a bubble hat on his head.

            “Well, it seemed a lot longer than that.  Besides I don’t want to go one day without honey,” said Teddy.

            “I know, but I just couldn’t help myself.  I love bubbles!  When I saw this mountain of bubbles, I just had to jump in.  Besides you worry too much.  Come on in, the water is great!  Think of the things we can make with all these bubbles,” said Freddy.  “Look, I have a bubble beard!”

            “I don’t know,” said Teddy.  “I heard Mom say to stay out of the bathtub until she gets back. She doesn’t want to clean up another mess like the last one. If she finds out we will be in BIG trouble this time, I just know we will.”

            “Come on, scaredy cat, we’ll be careful,” begged Freddy.

            “Oh, okay, but we have to be very quiet and no bubbles on the floor.  If we get in trouble it’s your fault,” said Teddy.

            Teddy ran into the house and just as he was about to climb in the tub, he stopped.  “Listen,” he said.  “What’s that noise?  It sounds like running water.”

            Teddy looked down at the bathroom floor and, sure enough, there was water all over the bathroom floor.  It was beginning to cover his paws!

            “The water is running over the side of the tub and onto the floor.  Quick, turn it off!” cried Teddy.

            Freddy turned off the water.  “There, happy now?” he asked Teddy.

            All Teddy could see were thousands and thousands of bubbles – bubbles in the tub, bubbles on the floor, bubbles on his brother.  In fact there were so many bubbles on Freddy that you couldn’t even see him!  He looked like a bubble snowman! There was a mountain of bubbles all over the bathroom!

            “There are bubbles everywhere.  How are we going to get this mess cleaned up before Mom comes back?” cried Teddy.

            Just then they heard someone coming down the hall.  It was mom!  Teddy just knew they were in BIG trouble and wouldn’t get any honey, probably for the rest of their lives!

            “Oh, my gracious,” exclaimed Mrs. Bear, as she entered the bathroom.  “I must have forgotten to turn off the water and now there are bubbles everywhere!”

            “Teddy, will you please help me clean up this mess?  Where is your brother?  I’ll get the mop while you start picking up these bubbles.  Just toss them out the window.  I’ll be right back,” she said.

            “Freddy get out of the tub and help me get these bubbles out of here before Mom gets back,” said Teddy, as he frantically started scooping up the bubbles.

            When Mrs. Bear returned with a mop and a bucket, the bubbles on the floor had all been scooped up and tossed out the window.  Both Teddy and Freddy were soaking wet and Freddy had bubbles all over him.

            “Well, well, well.  I see Freddy has decided to help us.  Look at the wonderful job you boys have done getting all these bubbles out of here.  Thank you so much, but Freddy how did you get so wet?” she asked.

            “Well…”  Teddy started to say.

But before he could say anything Mom said, “I tell you what.  Since you did such a great job helping me clean up this mess, you can take a bath in the leftover bubbles while I mop up the water on the floor.  I know you like bubbles, especially you Freddy.  That’s why I fixed this bubble bath for you.  Maybe the next time you will wait until I turn off the water before you jump in,” Mom smiled as she winked at Teddy.

            “I’m sorry, Mom, I won’t do it again,” promised Freddy.

            “Okay, you are forgiven.  Oh, by the way, once you are done with your bath I have some honey in the kitchen if anyone is hungry,” said Mom.

            “Hungry?  We are always hungry for honey!” chimed the little bears as they jumped into their wonderful bubbles!

Author’s Notes:

This is a short story for young children.  While we realize that bears do not take bubble baths or even talk, the point of the story is about disobedience, consequences, self-control (Teddy following his brother even when he know he was doing wrong) and even forgiveness.  The Bible has many, many stories of disobedience (not just by children but adults as well) and how through the loving kindness of God we can be forgiven of our transgressions and sins.  While young children may not be able to relate to or understand the forgiveness of God for our sins, they are able to understand their parents’ love and forgiveness of something they have done.  Children are quick to try to “hide” something they have done wrong but we as parents know when they have disobeyed.  We know that God knows all we do, say, think and feel and yet if we ask for forgiveness, with a repentant heart, he will forgive!

I hope you enjoy this short story and please feel free leave comments.  I have updated this story and will be submitting other new stories in the near future.

Bonnie Lucas


Christian Short Story for Kids: Taylor’s Pond


“I’m sooooo bored,” Jeremy said sighing. “I don’t think I can stand another day like this. It is so hot.”

“Hey, I know, let’s go swimming in Taylor’s pond!” said Stella.

“I don’t know; we better not. Your grandma said to stay away from that pond, and there’s a big ‘NO TRESPASSING – FISHING OR SWIMMING’ sign right there by the water,” said Jeremy. “And besides, that would be disobeying your grandma.”

“Oh, come on, be adventurous. We aren’t going to be fishing and we can who cares about some old sign? We can pretend we didn’t see it or that we can’t read. Besides, Grandma won’t know; she’s upstairs taking a nap. We’ll be there and back before she wakes up.                                   We’ll be really quiet; no one will ever know,” said Stella.

“I don’t think we should,” said Jeremy. “That sign was put there for a reason.”

“Look, that sign isn’t for us. It’s for people who don’t live around here,

that’s all. I’m going whether you go or not,” Stella said huffing as she ran out the door.

Taylor’s Pond was just down the road from Stella’s house. She had been dying to go swimming all summer, ever since she arrived at Grandma’s house for her summer vacation. The pond was lined with beautiful pink flowering bushes,

purple wild flowers and gigantic evergreen trees and there were woods right next to it. Sometimes, you could see deer wander out of the woods for a cool drink of water. If you didn’t live nearby you would never know it was there.

“Wow, it’s a really big pond,” said Jeremy hesitantly as they climbed through the bushes.

“Isn’t it wonderful?” cried Stella. “Come on, let’s jump in.”

“You go ahead. I’ll just sit here by the tree and watch you,” said Jeremy. “Boy, you are such an old fuddy-duddy,” said Stella as she jumped into the

pond and started splashing around. After a few minutes, she cried, “Hey, Jeremy, the water’s great, come on in.”

But Jeremy was no where to be found. Stella climbed out of the water and began looking around.

“Come on, Jeremy. Where are you? This isn’t funny!”

After searching for a few minutes, and still not finding him, Stella was getting really worried. She finally decided she needed to get some help.

“Grandma, Grandma,” cried Stella as she ran into the house. “Jeremy’s missing, I can’t find him!”

“What?” said Grandma frantically. “Where did you see him last?” “Taylor’s Pond. When I jumped in the water Jeremy was sitting under a

tree. I was just swimming around and when I looked back on the bank, he was gone!”

“Oh, my, let’s call for help and then go see if we can find him. I hope he hasn’t drowned,” exclaimed Grandma.

“What?” cried Stella.

“Don’t you know? Jeremy can’t swim,” said Grandma.

“He never told me that!” exclaimed Stella.  “Hurry, we’ve got to find him!”

Stella and her grandma ran back to the pond just as the police and fire department arrived.  Everyone was calling Jeremy’s name and looking for him.

“I found him!” cried a police officer as he and Jeremy walked out of the woods.

“Oh, Jeremy, where were you?” said Stella as she raced toward her best friend. “I thought something horrible happened when I couldn’t find you.”

“Naaaaw, I’m okay.  I just went into the woods to explore,” he said.  “Well, why didn’t you tell me you were going into the woods?” Stella said. “I was embarrassed because I can’t swim. That’s why I didn’t want to go

swimming with you,” he said.

“Well, I know that now. My grandma told me…..” Her voice trailed off as she looked at her grandma.

“Stella, I think we need to have a talk,” stated Grandma. “There’s a reason I told you to stay away from Taylor’s Pond. Even if Jeremy could swim, something terrible could have happened to either one of you.”

“I know,” said Stella, “but it was so hot and we were bored.”

“I understand that, but you deliberately disobeyed me Stella. There are rules for children and grandchildren. They are there for your safety and the safety of others.                             How would you have felt if something had happened to Jeremy? It would be a terrible feeling to have to live with something happening

to you or your best friend just because you disobeyed. There are rules in life that we must follow. We may not understand them or even think they are for us.

Luckily, nothing happened to you or Jeremy this time. But you might not be so lucky next time. I think we need to go home so you can think about what you have done. You know, I have some extra “chores” that might help you think about being disobedient in the future. It may take you a week or so to get them done but I know you can do it,” admonished Grandma.

“I know. I’m so sorry.” Stella sighed. “I won’t ever disobey you again, Grandma.”

Author Notes

Ephesians 6:1-3 says: “Children, obey your parents in the Lord: for this is right. Honor thy father and mother, which is the first commandment with promise; That it may be well with thee and thou mayest live long on the earth.”

Children do not automatically know what obedience is. They want what they want and they do what they want to do if allowed.  This is where we as parents have the obligation and responsibility to teach the children obedience. Some children are taught obedience because it is the” right thing to do” but they never learn what “thus sayeth the Lord.” As Christian teachers in Sunday Schools, youth groups, etc., it is OUR responsibility to lovingly teach them and help them understand the love of God, His ways and the many blessings He has in store if we only obey his Word!

May the Lord Bless You,

Bonnie Lucas