Biking With My Boys

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boy.jpgMy oldest son is almost seven and my youngest is almost two. One thing we love to do is ride our bikes. Over the last few weeks, our Indiana weather has been just right. We headed out tonight just after dinner. Twice around the neighborhood and then off to the “adventure way.”
That’s Kummer speak for the country road beyond our subdivision. Up one hill and down the next – we’re watching for them to take the soybeans. We look out for mean dogs and friendly cows. Just last week we had a close encounter. We took the one big hill twice tonight. Each time my younger son screams “wee!”
This may be the best hour I’ve had all week. On the “adventure way” we talk about real life. My boys learn to push hard going up that impossible hill. They learn to never back down from a chasing dog. They learn to move over for cars. Most of all they learn that their dad wants to be with them.

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