What Is Effective Sunday School Teaching?

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I’m a children’s pastor. My job is making things plain for kids. Children’s ministry is the easiest AND the hardest job in the church. It’s easy because most kids want to learn. They want to know. Ideas become adventures. It’s hard because children are limited. They don’t know grown-up words. They’ve only lived a little while. They get lost in abstraction.
With this post I’m beginning a series on effective teaching. Please understand – I am still learning how to be effective. Everything I know has come by accident or from others. In fact, that’s one reason I want to write this series. I want to learn together with you. Will you join me? Can we talk? Comments are open. Your ideas will help, not just me, but all the readers.
So, let’s begin with a definition: Effective teaching changes people.
I could write more, but this is the main thing. When I face my kids this Sunday, I want to help them change. I want them to grow.
1. Effective teaching changes the way people think. Learning that God made me for his glory changes the way I think about life. I want our kids to understand life from God’s angle. Learning is more than knowing, but never less.
2. Effective teaching changes the way people feel. Learning about the cross changes my feelings toward Jesus. I want my children to love Him too. Attitude fuels change.
3. Effective teaching changes what people do. Learning the golden rule changes the way I treat people. I want our kids to act different. Learning is more than behavior, but you CAN tell a tree by its fruit.
So, what do you think? How would you define effective teaching?

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  1. I am a Sunday school teacher. I didn’t find any changes in my children’s lives yet. But I really want to be an effective teach who can help the children change. The points above are your own findings and therefore I feel very admire to you.

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