Is Christian Homeschooling The Answer?

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Christian homeschoolingIs homeschooling right for my son? For our family, the answer was not as simple as you might think. My oldest son starts first grade next week. I am a full time Children’s pastor – and get to hear plenty of strong opinions on both sides of the issue. Many of our friends want us to join the Christian homeschooling movement. But I need to know what is right for my son?
To help decide, I’ve made this list of pros and cons. This is my homeshcooling verses public schooling list. In our town, we have an excellent public school system, a new Christian school and a strong homeschooling community. I’ve ruled out the private Christian school because of its price. I’d love to hear what you think about this list. Leave me a comment and let me know what you think.

Christian Homeschooling Pros

  • Christian Homeschooling Curriculum: The whole homeschooling program facilitates learning. It seems like Christian homeschooling can provide an excellent education. There is so much supporting material on the internet. provides online homeschooling resources. You might also like LifeWay’s homeschool resource page. I’ve started a list of home school curriculum
  • Homeschooling would give us more family time. Kids spend so much time in public schools that they become strangers to their parents. Christian homeschooling would allow us to spend time with our son during these short years.
  • Christian values are a part of Christian homeschooling curriculum. All parents must teach the Bible to their children. But homeschooling curriculum would add a whole new level of religious education.
  • Christian homeschooling provides a high level of safety. Public schools can be dangerous both physically and emotionally for children. Peer interaction often tends toward bullying. Homeschooling would clearly protect my son.

Christian Homeschooling Cons

  • Homeschooling would reduce my son’s opportunities to make friends outside of our church. He is a pastor’s kid and spends almost too much time with other Christian children.
  • My son loves his school. After kindergarten, he couldn’t wait to go back for more. I’m sure he would love homeschooling but he definitely is a social guy.
  • Christian homeschooling would reduce my contacts with unbelievers. As a Children’s pastor it seems like all I do is talk to other Christian parents. Getting involved in public school means getting involved with unchurched families.
  • Homeschooling would not give my son experience dealing with with ‘worldly people.’ Dealing with mean people is a skill that kids must learn. Christian homeschooling would protect my son from these people. But only for a little while.

Is Christian Homeschooling The Answer?

After serious consideration, we think public school is right for our son. I know some of you will disagree with me. But several our Christian friends teach at our school. We also get involved. So, this will be a year-by-year decision. I’m sure we’ll be having these same talks next year.
What about you? Are you involved in Christian homeschooling?

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