Top 10 Christian Parenting Websites

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Here are my top 10 Christian parenting websites. These are the sites I most often recommend to people I know. They offer disciple tips, information on child development and more. They offer Christian parenting resources and help for Christian parents. If I left off your favorite Christian parenting website – just leave a comment and I will add it to the list.

Leading Resources and Christian Parenting Websites

  1. Focus On The Family remains the leading Christian parenting website. They offer guides on child development, health and safety, discipline and parenting stages. Their daily radio program is a virtual seminar on Christian parenting.
  2. The Christian parenting website from Family Life Today offers articles and audio form Dennis and Barbara Rainey. They offer a free monthly e-magazine, tips on manners and a Christian parenting forum.
  3. Christian Parenting at is a great resources for articles about Christian parenting. You can even subscribe to their RSS feed.
  4. The Christian parenting website from Christianity Parenting Today is a great resource for articles on parenting.
  5. The Family and Christian Parenting website from LifeWay Christian Resources offers solid parenting advice and resources from a Southern Baptist perspective. LifeWay offers four different Christian parenting magazines target for local church distribution.
  6. The Nation Center for Biblical Parenting is a very helpful Christian parenting website. They offer books, videos and live conferences to help Christian parents. There section on developing your church’s parenting ministry is a great resource for pastors to help Christian parents.
  7. Blessed Family Ministries is a Christian parenting website from the Bullen Family. This website is a guide from Matt Bullen, an elder at Grace Family Baptist Church in Houston, TX. His articles, conferences, podcast and blog are great resources for Christian parents. I enjoy Matt’s frequent quotations from church history on the topic of Christian parenting.
  8. The Christian parenting website form also provides many free articles.
  9. Parenting Resources at Desiring God offers free sermons and articles from Dr. John Piper. No other Christian parenting website has inspired me more as a father.
  10. Christian parenting books from Grace and Truth Ministries. You can find books and audio from Dennis Gundersen for helping develop Christian character in children.

Christian Parenting Websites: Honorable Mentions

  • These Are The Generations Of Grace is Christian parenting website written by Scott Head. You can find frequently updated articles that help Christian parents.
  • Christian Parenting Forums is a new site where you can get interact with others.

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