Christmas Devotional: How to Keep Christmas Focused on Jesus

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In Children’s Ministry, it is easy for us to challenge the kids in our care at the church to be mindful of Christ at Christmas.  I have found that it is somewhat more difficult to get the parents to keep Christ at the center of Christmas.  I have discovered some nice resources that help to keep Christmas Christ-Centered. For example, do a devotional like What God Wants for Christmas which is an interactive manger scene that is unveiled one gift at a time for eight days/weeks. Perhaps you could read book, Stories Behind the Best-Loved Songs of Christmas which shows the children (and quite often the adults, too!) the true meaning behind some of the beloved Christmas songs.
Finally, one way my family has kept our Christmas Christ-centered is through the way in which we give gifts to our children. My wife and I only give 3 gifts to each of our children. The reasons are

  1. We now have four children and one more on the way!
  2. It keeps us from spending too much on Christmas gifts–wise stewardship
  3. The wisemen brought three gifts to Jesus
  4. When people ask us why, we get a chance to share the gospel with them. (This is especially effective with our unbelieving family members.)

So, what do you do to keep Christ at the center of your Christmas celebrations either in your ministry or in your home?

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