What’s a Christian Dad Suppose To Do: Randy Stinson

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What follows is my rough paraphrase and summary of a talk from the 2010 Connecting Church and Home Conference. In this break-out session, Randy Stinson assumed a basic understanding of Ephesians 5:22-33. This message was more about an application for husbands as they lead their families. There are nine applications that build on one another.
Randy Stinson is the Dean of the School of Church Ministries at Southern Seminary. Dr. Stinson also serves as the president of The Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood.

For more coverage of the 2010 Connecting Church & Home Conference visit our summary page. You can listen to audio from this conference on the Southern Seminary website.

  • Vision—Paint a broad picture for your family as to where you see your family going in the future.
  • Direction—This is how you will get there. Here you have mapped out the steps it will take in getting from point A to point B. It would be best to perhaps set up a family creed or confession of sorts to help keep you rooted.
  • Instruction—You need to prepare your family for the inevitable obstacles. It is here where you become proactive rather than reactive.
  • Imitation—Your children are watching you whether you realize it or not. You need to be able to say to them, do as I do. This is the heart of leadership and discipleship. It is important that here you model what it means to be repentant. You are going to mess up and your kids will see that. They will also see how you respond to your mistakes.
  • Inspiration—Here you need to develop a group thought of “isn’t this great?” Think of yourself as a general in charge of the morale of your troops.
  • Affirmation—You need to tell each individual in your group that they are doing well. This is especially more true to affirm your wife (or husband) than your children. Nonetheless, it is important that you are affirming to everyone in your house. Point out the evidence’s of God’s grace in their lives even if they have messed up.
  • Evaluation—This is key to make sure you are staying the course. Here lies the true burden of leadership. I have found that the more you evaluate the less of a burden it becomes.
  • Correction—Be willing to make changes as the need arises. Not everything you begin or do is going to work.
  • Protection and Provision—You need to make sure your family knows that you will take care of them. It is one thing to say this but something completely different to actually do it. This includes the spiritual realm that so often gets relegated to the mother—especially if the family is homeschooling.

Ultimately, I (Terry) found this break-out session to be both convicting and encouraging. It helped to put some meat on the skeleton insofar as what this really looks like in the home.

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