Jesus Is My Good Shepherd: 3 Preschool Bible Lessons

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The world can be a frightful place for young children. This series of Bible lessons will help the children in your class to trust in Jesus as their Good Shepherd. It draws from several passages in the Gospel of John to show how He loves, saves, and protects them.
These lesson plans are intended for preschool children, ages 2-5.  They were written by Kristen Charles for a children’s church or Preschool Sunday School, but can be adapted to meet your particular ministry setting. Each lesson includes additional learning activities for your class.

Lesson Index

  1. Sheep LOVED by a Shepherd: Preschool Lesson
  2. Sheep SAVED by a Shepherd: Preschool Lesson
  3. Sheep PROTECTED by a Shepherd: A Preschool Bible Lesson

Jesus is the Good Shepherd Coloring PagePrint our free Jesus the Good Shepherd Coloring page to go along with any of these lesson plans. It has a background page that explains why we need a shepherd and then a cut-out illustration of Jesus.

Other Related Resources

Here are some other materials on our website that might assist you as you teach through this series. Please share your ideas in the comment section below.

3 thoughts on “Jesus Is My Good Shepherd: 3 Preschool Bible Lessons”

  1. Hey, thanks for putting these resources online. We have started a Sunday school from scratch in our Baptist church which only has two children (we’re hoping for more soon!), and we tried out one of your lessons for preschoolers (Jesus is the Good Shepherd). It was great; the children had lots of fun and they learned what a good shepherd does re: protecting their sheep. One of our two attending children is unchurched and she begged her mum to be allowed to go to church all week!

  2. Ever since I started teaching Sunday school this site has always been my resource and now I’m sharing it with another generation who happen also have a desire to teach about Jesus. Thank you for the ministry-to-children team, you’re the best! God bless you even more.

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