Poem about Jesus the Good Shepherd

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This poem was sent in by one of our readers name Jacquelyn K Heasley. She wrote it when preparing to teach her preschoolers about the Sheep and the Shepherd. We hope you enjoy and find it useful in your ministry too.

Jesus, the Nice Shepherd

Jesus was a shepherd,
A nice one slim and tall.
He loved the sheep so much,
He loved them one and all.

The sheep began to know Him,
Spending time grazing the hills.
Soon they knew His voice,
And followed as He willed.

The sheep began to grow,
Stronger and lovelier every day.
They became good friends,
With their Shepherd right away.

They loved the nice Shepherd,
Who led them in pastures green,
And always gave them water,
Never once was He mean.

One by one they followed,
This nice shepherd as He led.
And they loved him as a father,
Trusting Him as they were fed.

Written by Jacquelyn K Heasley.
Click here to download this poem in a print-friendly PDF file. The illustration used above is also available in a full sized Good Shepherd coloring page.
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