Free Father’s Day Coloring Pages

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Use these religious coloring pages to help kids show honor to their Dad on Father’s Day. These printable illustrations have options for every age group.

If you prefer the JPG image files separate, get the free download bundle in ZIP form the Sunday School Store.

Fathers Day Coloring Pages - Free Printable
Download all coloring sheets in one free printable PDF

Use the link above to download the our free printable coloring pages for Father’s Day. Scroll down to preview and choose the singe coloring sheets you want. Three are explicitly religious or Christian. The other four are more general and could be used in any setting, including public school.

Imagine how dad’s heart will melt when his little daughter says, “I made this for you Daddy!”

Coloring Page #1 – Dear God, Thank you for Daddy!

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Father's Day Coloring Page with Daughter and Dad hiking
Dear God – Thank you for my Daddy!

This adorable picture shows a young girl hiking with her dad. The illustration has a tree, father, daughter, walking path, and the prayer words: Dear God, Thank you for Daddy! The image has small hearts in the margins to add a little extra coloring activity. This is a detailed coloring sheet and recommended for elementary age and above.

Coloring Page #2 – Happy Father’s Day

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Happy Father's Day Coloring Page
Happy Father’s Day – Coloring Page with dad and son camping

This line-art illustration shows a father and son camping in the ten. The people are drawn in a way to be more diverse racially than typical kids coloring pages. This sheet features a large caption: Happy Father’s Day. This printable is safe for public school with no overt religious messaging.

Coloring Page #3 – Father’s are a Blessing

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Coloring Page for Father's Day with Bible
Thank you Lord – Father’s are a blessing

This is another Christian coloring page for Father’s Day. It’s perfect to use in church or Sunday School. The illustration shows a dad readying from a Bible to his son and daughter. Their are hearts above the girl and boy pictures.

Coloring Page #4 – I (heart) Dad – Preschool & Toddler Option

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I heart Dad coloring page for father's day
I Love Dad (HEART) coloring page for father’s day

This is a very simple text balloon coloring picture ideal for toddlers and preschoolers. It simply says, “I Love Dad” but the word love is expressed with a heart. Keep this on hand for an easy option if you are limited on time or need a coloring page for young children.

Coloring Page #5 – I Love Daddy Because (Girl Version)

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I love daddy because (girl - daughter version) activity coloring page

I Love Dad Because ___ activity coloring page for father’s Day

Coloring Page #6 – I Love Daddy Because (Boy Version)

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I love daddy because (boy - son version) activity coloring page
I Love Dad Because ___ activity coloring page for father’s Day

Coloring Page #7 – God is the Best Father any can have

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Coloring Page - God is the best father anyone can have
God is the best Father – Coloring Page

The third coloring page pictures only four different children (2 boys & 2 girls). There is not father displayed in this frame but the text says, “God is the best Father anyone can have!” This one will provide an option for children who have no dad in their life and may feel left out at father’s day.

Bonus Coloring Pages for Father’s Day

We’ve combined our free coloring pages for Father’s day into one easy to print file. Simply click on the image above to open file. Included in the combined file are the sheets from this pages and the two others designed for churches who want more ethnic diversity in the illustrations.

If you want even more, we have a set of printable “I love Daddy” cards that children can color as a craft for Father’s Day.

These were created by Mandy Groce, a visual artist who reside in Kentucky. Based on previous feedback she wanted to give several choices to better fit the diverse families that make up many churches.

Directions: Each of these preview images link to the printer friendly PDF version of that picture. We also have uploaded the full size jpeg images for anyone who wants to modify these pages directly.

  1. The first coloring page shows a father reading a Bible while two children (boy & girl) watch over his shoulder. The text is a prayer that reads, “Thank you Lord, Fathers are a blessing!”
  2. The second coloring sheet has a father hiking with his daughter following along. The text in this picture is a prayer which says, “Dear God, Thanks you for my Daddy!”

Father’s Day can be a good time to remind children that parents are a blessing from God. Care should be taken not to exclude kids who have lost their dads. Here is a recent article on our website that deals with those painful father’s day issues. Don’t miss all our ideas for father’s day at church.

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3 thoughts on “Free Father’s Day Coloring Pages”

  1. I love the way this lesson represents all family arrangements and does not make any child feel left out. I teach in an urban situation where many of the children do not have that nuclear family. Thanks for giving me a way to handle this day with God’s love. I would also suggest that other family members who do play the ‘Father figure” could somehow be incorporated.

  2. God bless this wonderful team for always rising to the challenge and providing timely materials to be a blessing to the next generation. May God bless the entire team. Special thanks to Mandy for all her wonderful artistic work. God bless you.

  3. Maybe set up card or coloring page for kids, w/o a dad, to honor a cool father figure, grandpa, step dad, sponsor, instructor, coach, friend, neighbor….
    Possibly have words or phrases pre printed and cut out to “build” a card or small plaque. This may take a bit of prior prep time, to make the pieces and some examples to give the kids ideas. But it would be less time consuming in the classroom, as well as easy for the younger set, who don’t read and write well or yet. In addition, possibly have some “small” coloring pictures that can also be attached in a designated portion or even let them draw in free hand.

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