Preschool Coloring Pages

This page features our most popular preschool coloring pages. Each printable below has a Christian theme and are a perfect addition to your Preschool Sunday School lessons. Use the download link below to get all five coloring sheets on one printable PDF file. Then scroll down to see even more pictures for preschoolers to color.

Preschool Coloring Pages - PDF Printable
Download these simple coloring pages for preschoolers, toddlers, or kindergarten aged children. Each worksheet have a religious theme and would be perfect for your Preschool Sunday School ministry.

Jesus Loves Me – Preschool Coloring Page

Jesus Loves Me - Preschool Coloring Page
This simple printable coloring sheet for toddlers, preschoolers, or elementary kids in Sunday School. It shares the message that “God loves me.” It’s included in the single download PDF printable above.

God Made Everything – Preschool Coloring Page

God Made Everything - Preschool coloring PAge
Younger children can learn and understand that God created the World. This preschool coloring page will reinforce that powerful truth in Sunday School or preschool ministry worksheet.

God Made Me Special – Unicorn Coloring Page

Unicorn Preschool Coloring Page
Unicorn coloring pages are super popular with younger children and elementary aged students. This easy to color design includes the caption that God made me special.

The Bible, God’s Word – Preschool Coloring Page

The Bible, God's Word - Preschool Coloring Page
Use this preschool coloring pages when teaching about the Bible. It has as simple design and will be easy for any child to color. Even toddlers age 2-3 years old can use this printable.

God Loves You – Preschool coloring Pages

God Loves You - Preschool Coloring Page
God loves you – that’s one of the most important things a toddler or preschooler can hear. Use this printable picture to remind them of that truth in your pre-K class. K4 and K5 students will enjoy coloring the outlined words in the illustration too. It makes an easy worksheet for kids in grade preK.

More Coloring Pages for Preschoolers

Our website has a growing collection of free coloring sheets, this pages lists some of the ones most appropriate for younger children. Use these preschool Bible coloring pages in your toddler class, at home, or even in Christian daycare programs.

Bible Themed Preschool Coloring Pages

All of our Bible coloring pages can be used with younger children, but some will be difficult or challenging. Here are a few we recommend to try with your preschool class or ministry.

Download our Popular Coloring Sheets for Younger Kids

Bible Alphabet ABCs – We have a illustrated letter and biblical theme for each letter of the alphabet. Print them all for a workbook as your child learns the alphabet and gets a early start on reading.

Days of Creation Coloring Pages – The work of God in creation is a beautiful subject for illustrations.

Daily Routine Coloring Pages – These printable include a simple Christian theme for different activities a child will do everyday.

Ideas & Tips for Preschoolers Learning to Coloring

  • Depending on the child’s development and education background, coloring sheets can be a challenging task. For young toddlers it’s simply a thrill to see the cause-effect of the crayon. Maybe that’s why they so often write on the walls! Much better to express that creativity on a coloring sheet.
  • For most preschool aged kids, several of primary colored crayons is enough. Don’tย overwhelmย them with choices and included in the 124 color set.
  • As motor skills develop, the act of coloring becomes more enjoyable. Their young minds love to see how the simple combinations of bordering tones produces very different effects. By 1st grade or 2nd grade, some children become very skilled.
  • Some preschool children will not stay within the lines (or even on the page). That is fine, just let them enjoy the experience and grow in their love for art. The polished projects can come later.
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