Daily Routine Coloring Book

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This printable coloring book can be used with younger children to talk about the patterns of daily life. Each sheet points children back to God as the source of all good. When used at home, these can help children see how the Lord relates to every aspect of their life. Scroll down to see the free download links.

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Click above to download this complete 5 page coloring book.
  • Click here to download all 5 pages as one PDF document. You can also preview each single page on the posts linked below.

Other sheets included in the download link above. Each is available as a single page PDF for easy printing or JPEG for advanced users to edit.

  1. Cover Page (PDF | JPEG) Honoring God all day
  2. Time to Eat (PDF | JPEG) Thank you for my food, God!
  3. Time to Play (PDF | JPEG) Thank you, God, for my friends!
  4. Time to Work (PDF | JPEG) Lord, help me to be a cheerful worker!
  5. Time to Rest (PDF | JPEG)
  6. Time to Pray (PDF | JPEG)

We hope you enjoy this free resource and share it with others. Please leave a comment below to let us know if this was useful in your home or ministry.

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