"D is for Disciple" Coloring Page

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D is for Disciple Coloring Page Preview
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This printable coloring page is part of our larger Bible Alphabet series. The themes for each letter were chosen by our readers.
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This illustration features the letter D plus a seaside with Jesus calling out to a disciple to follow him. The border of the page lists the names of the original disciples.
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6 thoughts on “"D is for Disciple" Coloring Page”

  1. Hi Mandy!
    I am very grateful for your willingness to share your talent with all of us!
    My students will love this illustration to color!

  2. Thank You Mandy,
    I love the preschool “D is for Disciple” coloring page with Jesus’ disciples listed. What a great teaching tool for this age group. They will know they can also be disciples who go make disciples.

  3. We are just starting a Sunday School class. We are a small group of Believers in Christ.
    We are believing for more to join us. We meet in a local park for now. We are renovating a widow’s home to use also as a place to meet. Thank you for these resources. When we have move people saved in the community, we will be looking to purchase material.

    The LORD bless you for your kindness to the smaller groups.


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