Bible Alphabet Coloring Pages

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bible alphabet coloring book

These are perfect for preschool or younger elementary children. Each letter of the alphabet has a Biblical theme chosen by our readers. Scroll down to get individual letters.

Two Ways to Download

Purchase the Single Download

A bundled version with teacher talking points is available to purchase from the Sunday School Store for $9.97. This purchase supports our free ministry and provides a royalty to the artist who created this work.

Download the Free Version

All 26-pages are free to download on Ministry-To-Children as single sheets. Simply preview the letter you want below and them download.

A is for ALMIGHTY / B is for BIBLE / C is for CHRIST / D is for DISCIPLE / E is for ETERNAL LIFE / F is for FAITH / G is for GOD’S GRACE / H is for HEAVEN / I is for ISRAEL / J is for JESUS / K is for KING of KINGS / L is for LOVE / M is for Messiah / N is for NEW LIFE / O is for OBEDIENCE / P is for PRAYER / Q is for QUIET TIME / R is for Resurrection / S is for SAVIOR / T is for TRUST / U is for UNITY / V is for Victory / W is for WORSHIP / X is for eXcellent / Y is for Yahweh / Z is for Zion

We hope you enjoy this printable coloring book with an alphabet theme. Use the single PDF download link above to get all the sheets in one file. If you prefer, you can browse each individual letter below.

These are perfect for preschoolers or older toddlers first learning their ABCs. The letter shape is easy to color and the illustrations give some extra practice of fine motor skills.

You may have seen these copied elsewhere on the internet, but these are the original illustrations by Mandy Groce created for our website in 2011. They have been used by thousands across thousands of churches, christian preschoolers, and homeschool students. They are ideal for older toddlers or any kids just learning their ABC letters.

For each letter of the English alphabet, our readers are choosing the theme for to create a Bible alphabet coloring book. One reader translated these pages into into French.

Printable Letters in Our Bible Alphabet

While you’re waiting be sure to browse all our free coloring pages. Some are based on specific Bible stories & verses while others simply follow general Christian themes. All of them are 100% free to download for your church, home, or school.

17 thoughts on “Bible Alphabet Coloring Pages”

  1. Praise the Lord.
    Your alphabets colouring section is indeed very wonderful. It helps me with Sunday school activity. Many many thnx for them. I wud also like u to please upload few items like a study plan alongwith the printables. Coz it wud b helpful on how to go abt the particular alphabet. Certain details like meaning or bible example abt the letter. Coz m myself learning alongwith the kids.
    Thnk u.

  2. I teach Children’s Church, which is for ages 3 through 3rd grade. Right now we only have 3 and 4 year olds. I am used to teaching a higher level; after searching for younger material, I came across this bible alphabet. It has been wonderful! All the young kids like to color, (even older kids if we get a visitor.) I talk about the sounds the letter makes, we look for the letter in the posters on the walls and in kids’ names. I find a short kids song that sings about the word (example: B is for Bible, so we sing the bible song.) We take time to teach the meaning of each word. I look up a scripture passage that fits the word, and we learn that verse. I teach one or two letters each week. I am compiling a book for each student to take home when this series is done, hopefully including a cd with the songs. These coloring pages were all I needed to inspire me. Thank you so, so much Mandy and Tony. Your web site is the best!!!

  3. What a blessing for me to find this site. Wow truelly God is good and always opens new door like He has done with me and for me today. Thank u for freelly sharing amd allowing many to download and share God through coloring pages and opening doors for many to come to Christ and be SAVED! God’s richest blessings be on you.

  4. This website is such a great resource! My kids’ Sunday school teacher won’t be able to teach tomorrow, so she asked me to step in last minute. Of course I headed straight to your website to find materials for the lesson she was planning for tomorrow! I’ll be homeschooling next year and will definitely be using your lessons for ideas and materials. This alphabet will be great for all of my kids when the time comes – especially to help my youngest learn letters and sound, and a “word of the week” for the older two. Keep up the great work!!!

  5. Thank you for making these available and free. I’ve been googling Bible alphabet pages every week for Sunday school and liked yours the best, and finally tracked them down to this original webpage that I can bookmark. This is a great ministry. God bless!

  6. These are great. Thank you so much for sharing your gift of knowledge and talent. This will be so helpful in teaching the children.

  7. thank you so much for sharing your talent! Our children will be using these in our church service this Sunday as we start a new church in Ann Arbor, MI!

  8. Je vous remercie beaucoup de mettre à notre disposition votre beau talent.
    Que le Seigneur continue à faire fructifier votre talent.
    Merci de tout coeur

  9. Thank you very much for all of these. These are all a great help for our sunday school students. God Bless always

  10. Thank you so much for all the hard work you all do! And making our Ministries so much easier. God has called us to do great things, when we’re going into it without any resources those great things sometimes go on the back burner. Thank you for allowing us to focus on the children more then we would have been able to. I certainly appreciate that this has been translated to French as well as I’ll be sending it to my friends who go to Haiti frequently.

  11. Thanks so much for providing this free material. It will be most helpful to our group in planning for each Sunday Church for our children

  12. Thank you so much for these lessons and printable acti. They go along way especially during this time of shutdown and lock down due to the Covid 19 outbreak. Your work will surely be rewarded. May God bless you ?

  13. These free colouring pages are perfect!!
    I’m sending these to our 3up preschoolers in unique letters for each of the children during isolation. I’m sending them the page that matches the letter of their first name so they can relate.
    Thank you so much for making these free!

  14. Hello there, hope you are safe by God’s grace this season. Your materials have been incredibly helpful! I’ve been teaching book of the bible with them. And your Alphabet series has inspired me to do one in my native language. God bless you for making all this possible!

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