"E is for Eternal Life" Coloring Page

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Bible Alphabet Coloring Page "E is for Eternal Life"
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This printable coloring page is part of our larger Bible Alphabet series. The themes for each letter were chosen by our readers.
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This simple illustration shows a large letter “E” and the words from John 3:16. Their is a picture inside the sheet of a small flower pot and a wilting flower. This is a great opportunity to explain God’s promise of eternal life for all who believe in Jesus.
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  1. Hi thanks for uploading this free materials that i can use for teaching. I am a sunday school teacher but our church doesnt provide a materials for us to use so i did all i can to av something to used and with God’s help He brought me here and i am very thankful for you that i got it free since i dont av money to buy a materials for my ministry. God bless u

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