"Super Christmas" Printable Play Script for Kids

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Use this creative script if you want to add a fun super hero twist to your Christmas Play. The play was written by Vanessa Unti.  She is a student at Western Washington University and the Youth Minister at Christ the Servant Lutheran Church in Bellingham, WA.

Super Christmas Play for Churches

Super Christmas

A Free Christmas Play for Children’s Ministry

Enjoy this skit called “A Super Christmas.” It’s about a group of famous super heroes who discover that while Baby Jesus did come to save the world.


We hope you enjoy this skit we call “A Super Christmas.” It’s about a group of famous super heroes who discover that while Baby Jesus did come to save the world, he won’t be stealing their jobs! It was performed by a group of teenagers and adults at our 5pm Family Christmas Eve Worship in lieu of a sermon.

The author has agreed to share/provide the script as a free resource on Ministry To Children. Please leave a comment below if you want to share your appreciation for the creator of this script.

Video of “Super Christmas” from Freedom Church of the Nazarene

We are thankful for Freedom Church for sharing their video recording of this Christmas Play

A Super Christmas

Characters:  Superman, Wonder Woman, Spiderman, Hulk, Batman, Cat Woman,  Mary, Joseph, 2 Shepherds

 There is a huddle of Super Heroes DSC. They create a semi circle, and are busily talking loud and frantic.

Superman; ORDER! ORDER! I call this meeting of Superheroes to order!

The group is quieted with groans.

Superman: As some of you have heard, there is a rumor going around that a new superhero is coming to earth. They say that he is coming to save the world, and that he receives his powers from the big G – O – D.

Hulk: I have heard the same thing! What does this mean!? WE save the Earth. WE have been here for years! What does this guy think he is doing?

Wonder Woman: Do we even know who this guy or WOMAN is? Doesn’t he know that that is our job?

Batman: I have heard that this G-O-D guy means real business. Apparently he has a connection with all of us. He says the he loves the world so much that he is going to give us his SON. This new superhero, is here to save the world from the villain SIN.

Spiderman: Who is this SIN? I don’t know this evil villain? Cat Woman, is he one of your arch nemeses?

Cat Woman: No. I don’t know him, but I know that I could take him down and probably better than this new guy.

Superman: OK OK, let’s calm down everyone. We don’t know if this guy is going to take our jobs. He might be here to help us, as well as the rest of the world.

Hulk: Well I don’t need any help! Didn’t you see me crush that bad guy last week? I saved a bus full of school children… with one hand!

Batman raises a hand for a high-five.

Batman: I did see that man! You were awesome, but I think that next time you could…

Cat Woman: Woah. Slow down guys. Let’s focus on this new guy. We can share our glory stories later!

Spiderman: Do we know when this new guy is supposed to show up?

Wonder Woman: I’ve heard as early as Christmas Day. That’s tomorrow!?

Hulk: NO WAY. Christmas can’t be tomorrow!? Is it really Christmas Eve?

WW: Yes, Hulk, tomorrow… I think the muscles are cutting off circulation to your brain.

Batman: This means we have to act fast! We have to find this guy, learn what his weaknesses are, and find out his enemies… AGGGH… What if he has a SIDEKICK? We have so much to do…

Superman: Well then we better start tracking this big guy down.

Superheroes Exit

Mary and Joseph walk DSR

Mary: I am so tired; can’t we just book a room somewhere? I am so tired of this walking thing.

Joseph: [irritated] Only a little bit farther love. I’m sorry that every Holiday Inn was full, but I didn’t know we would be traveling this deep into the holiday season!

Mary: Don’t get huffy at me! I didn’t ask if I wanted to flee my home, or if I wanted to become the mother of God’s son!

Joseph: Yes, dear. I know. How did that happen again? You were so frightened when you came to me.

Mary: Well an angel came from God to me in Nazareth. He told me to get excited because God chose me to bear his son. I am to call him, Jesus. I was so scared, but then the angel said do not be frightened for this means that God will always be with me. I’m still nervous and unsure about this whole thing. What if I’m not right? What if I’m not going to be a good mother to GOD’S son?

Joseph: Mary, Mary, Mary! Stop you’re worrying, and breathe. God chose you for a reason, and he chose me as your husband for a reason. (Or at least that’s what I keep telling myself.

Superheroes swarm from USL. Looking under things, behind things, under cloaks etc.

Superman: Well, we haven’t found him yet. This superhero sure knows how to hide himself. Or maybe he is in a disguise

Hulk: (Lifts a large object (ie house)) I have turned over everything, and he sure isn’t hiding under anything.

WW: HULK. PUT THAT DOWN. Do you really think the man who saves the world would be hiding under a ______?

Catwoman: I’m tired of looking. Maybe he has weakness, like Tuna, or catnip, or those little squeaky mice, or those darn little balls of light that you NEVER can catch!

Batman: Woah, down kitty. Um, we don’t know that stuff yet. Maybe these fine people have heard something about him. I’ll go ask.

Batman starts walking, then Superman puts out his arm and strides ahead.

Superman: (clears his throat) Ahem, excuse me you fine citizens but do you happen to know of a new superhero?

Mary: A new superhero? No? Joseph have you?

Joseph: (shocked) No way. Are you really SUPERMAN. (squeal) Oh my goodness, and Wonder Woman, and the Hulk, and and and and…

Mary: Oh get a hold of yourself! No, we haven’t. Do you know of place where we could stay? Apparently all the inns are full.

Spiderman: I know a man down the road who has a nice stable. You could ask if he knows of a place.

Joseph: (still in shock) Wow, you guys are all my heroes. You save the world, like EVERYDAY. And you’re here. Right now. (Squeal)

Hulk: (brushes his shoulders) Yes, we know. We are pretty powerful.

All superheroes begin striking fierce poses

WW: Oh my! Miss, are you pregnant?

Mary: Yes, I’m due almost any day. It may even be tonight.

Catwoman: Oh there is nothing better than a baby.

Superman: Oh I hope we run into you again, I would love to hold your baby.

Hulk: Me too, I love to rock babies to sleep.

Spiderman: And you’re sure you don’t crush them? (Laughs to himself)

Mary has a look of terror on her face

Mary: Yes, yes that would be nice. I’m sure I will need all the help I can get.

Joseph: You, you, you, would come see us AGAIN? Oh wow.

Faints. Supported by a superhero.

WW: (Ignoring Joseph) Do you know if it’s a boy or a girl? What are you going to name him?

Mary: It’s a boy, and his name shall be Jesus.

The superheroes give content sighs.

Joseph is revived.

Mary: Well my feet are getting sore; I think we will give that man with the stable a try. Good luck with your search for this superhero…?

Joseph: Uh, uh-huh!

Superheroes: (a hubbub of noise) Congratulations on the baby! I am so excited for you. Good luck with the baby.

Superheroes exit SL, and Mary/Joseph SR

2 Shepherds relaxing DSC

Shepherd 1: This job is sooooo LAME.

Shepherd 2: Hey, I wouldn’t complain. It’s paying for your data plan for that fancy phone. Heaven forbid that you couldn’t text on the job.

Shepherd 1: Ha… ha… ha… you think you are so funny! No seriously. This job is so boring. Nothing exciting ever happens! I mean all my friends work at Starbucks and get free coffee, and what do I get? I get to “watch o’er my flocks by night” and shovel sheep poop! Gross.

Shepherd 2: Oh come on, it isn’t that bad. It’s a clear night on Christmas Eve. You can just stare out into the black sky full of stars and really appreciate the wonder that God created

Shepherd 1: Ugh, you’re one of those, those God people.

Shepherd 2: Well yeah. I guess I am. I mean. I don’t know! I have heard that God is sending his son to save us from our sin.

VOICE: Mmmhmmm. You got that right!

Shepherds cling to each other in fear and scream.

Shepherd 1: Who is that!? I am trained in karate and I’m not afraid to use it!

Shepherd 2: Better question… where are you?!

spot light

Shepherds block the light.

VOICE: I’m right here. Do not be afraid! I am an angel from God. I bring you good news!

Shepherd 1: Sheesh lay off the glare. Miley Cyrus called and she wants her sequined body suit back!

VOICE: (Laughs) Miley Cyrus has nothing on my shine. But I have to tell you that JESUS, the son of God was born tonight! Rejoice! Immanuel, the savior of the universe was born tonight, here in Bethlehem!

Shepherd 2: Oh my goodness! Are you serious?! How exciting! Where is he? Can I go see him?

VOICE: Yes! Please do! Follow his star by night, and you will find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes.

Shepherd 1: Um. I don’t know what swaddling clothes mean, but I’m assuming when I see the baby I’ll know I’m in the right place. But what does this mean? Why is this baby such a big deal?

VOICE: God sent his son, Jesus, so that we could be forgiven of our sins. When we do bad things, or make bad choices we are sinning against God. When we sin, we are moving away from God. But God loves us so much that he is willing to send his son to us so that even when we do sin, we are forgiven. It’s called grace. Isn’t that great?

Shepherd 1: Wow. God’s love is amazing.

Shepherd 2: I know a congregation in Renton, Washington that knows a thing or two about that grace thing. They have some crazy pastor always talking about it.

VOICE: Oh don’t you worry. We know that congregation too, and that crazy Kirby guy.

Shepherd 1: I still don’t get how sending a baby is going to help though? How is he going to stop me from sinning?

Voice: Jesus is coming to help us build a relationship with God. He will be a way for us to see God, and know that he loves us. So no matter how far we try to move away from God, Jesus will be there to remind us that God will never give up on us. But seriously, get a move on over to the stable. That’s the star right over there!

Light goes out

Superheroes enter looking weary.

Superman: Excuse me fine… shepherds? Have you heard anything about a new superhero that is coming to save the earth?

Batman: We have been looking for him all day. We’re tired.

Catwoman: We’re scared he is going to take our jobs.

Shepherd 1: Woah, first an angel now super heroes?! Maybe this job isn’t so lame after all!

Shepherd 2: I don’t know anything about a new super hero, but did you hear that God’s son was born tonight!?

Hulk: Wait, did you say God’s son? That’s our guy!

WW: Woah, woah, woah Hulk. We have not been searching for a baby! How could a baby save the world?

Shepherd 1: I don’t really get it either, but let’s go see! I just want to see this Super-Baby-God … thing.



Mary: Oh. Isn’t he wonderful?

Joseph: I never knew a baby was this wonderful. God has given us such a blessing.

Superheroes storm in

Superman: Alright you superhero, put your hands up! Nobody is taking my job!

Spiderman: Yeah. What he said!

WW: Oh my goodness. Boys. Settle down, can’t you tell there is a baby sleeping!

Superman: Well. Yeah. But he is going to take our jobs, and and and oh but he is so cute!

Mary: Yes, he is. I didn’t expect to see you guys again so soon. But what is this about my son taking your jobs?

Catwoman: Well, we heard that Jesus is this new superhero coming to town. And they that he is going to save the whole world from SIN.

Hulk: So we thought that no one would need us anymore. But this is a baby! So we don’t have anything to worry about guys! (coos at the baby)

Batman: You’re right! Phew. I was getting worried. So, were they wrong? Is Jesus just a baby?

Mary: Well, right now he is. But God has great plans in store for him. He will grow up and save us from our own sin.

Shepherd 1: We heard all about that! An angel came to us and told us to not be afraid because Jesus was born. And that he will bring us grace!

Shepherd 2: You know, you’re starting to sound like one of those “church” people…

Shepherd 1: Woah! I am. Well, could I maybe come to church with you sometime?

Shepherd 2: Yeah, I think I know just the place to take you!

Superman: Hold on, hold on! So Jesus isn’t going to take over my job? I still get to go out and save people?

Joseph: (holding the baby) Of course, you can still go save people. But, God sent his son so that we can be saved from ourselves and the sins we do. Jesus is reminding us of God’s love, and how we can share it with others. So now, when you save people you can tell them about Jesus’ power and about God’s unending love for us.

Spiderman: Wow! Ok! I think I could do that! “Stop right there mister! I will save you innocent citizens! But Jesus will save you with God’s love!” I like it!

Mary: I am so glad you all came to see Jesus and that now you will spread God’s love. I am not afraid anymore, I am trusting God and his plan. This is a merry Christmas.

ALL: Merry Christmas, and God’s Peace!

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  1. Hello,
    This play is great and we will consider using it at our Advent Dinner and Christmas Pageant this year. Thank you so much for the opportunity.
    Kind Regards,
    Bobbi (West Trenton Presbyterian Church, New Jersey)

  2. Hi Vanessa,
    Thank you for writing this excellent christmas play and making it available free for other people. It can be really hard coming up with a new idea every year.
    Thank you again.
    Kind regards,

  3. Thank you for a wonderful script ! Also for sharing it.
    God continue to bless you with the gift of writing more to help spread the gospel through plays like this.

  4. How a cool script, Vanessa!!! I believe each young guys will love it~. I would like to consider using it in our Christmas Pageant of Taiwan Keelung church this year. Many thanks for sharing.
    God is love to you.
    Kind regards

  5. Thank you, Vanessa, for sharing this play with all of us. It is so entertaining and tells the nativity story and the salvation story all wrapped up in a very funny package. God bless you and my prayers are that you continue to allow God to work through you! Sincerely, Carolyn Truesdale

  6. Hi!!!! This play is just awesome. the kids at school are going to enjoy dressing up as Super Heroes at Christmas! What a pleasant change from the regular shepherds and lambs. Thank you for the privilege to use this skit. May God continue to bless you.

  7. Hi,
    Thank you so much for this play. It was the perfect thing to have at our christmas Sunday service. We used it at my church here in Finland (The Evangelical Free Church of Finland). I had to translate it to Finnish and make a few changes to make it culturally fit. Like change names and references to the local city of Tampere, but everyone loved it. I had teens and adult involved so it made it extra fun for kids to be able to enjoy it. This blessed my church tons and everyone from young to old was laughing and loving the play.
    I hope you keep on writing plays!
    God bless,

  8. Couldn’t be happier that I’ve found your Christmas Play. It fits in with our School Christmas Assembly so very very well! Thank you for sharing the Christmas story in such a fun way. I can see it appealing to the children straight away.
    God bless you! Keep up the great work of spreading the gospel message!

  9. Thank you!
    With a church full of kids who love super heroes and hate doing the “boring” Christmas pageant, this is gold.
    I’m picturing the Angel as a voice from the sound booth at the back of the church… 🙂

  10. Thank you so much for writing this adorable christmas play, its really hard for us small churches to find something
    to do every year, and the children truly love practicing this. With a few Christmas carols thrown in, we can entertain
    everyone. Thank you so much!

  11. Thank you for being so generous and sharing your GOD given talent with us. Loved your play. Most people love the super heroes.

  12. I really like this play. I like the concept of the super heroes trying to find out who the real super is and in the process they learn about Jesus Christ.

  13. The children & I are very excited about doing this Play, it is well written and has wiggle room for costumes. But most important it gets the message of why Jesus came.
    God bless

  14. awesome skit. We truly enjoyed dressing in the different costumes and presenting it to the church congregation. thank you sooooo much

  15. Thank you so much for sharing I am at a small church and doing something with the kids. I will have to probably edit the play but it gave me great ideas and I really appreciate you sharing !!!! God bless you

  16. Thank you Vanessa for sharing, we will be using this for our Christmas presentation this year. We like the humor in this play and the modernization of the birth of Jesus. I ran out of ink but was so glad to share it with every one that I hand wrote it on notebook paper to share with my daughter who can not sit in front of a computer as long as I can, she just doesn’t not like it. It took me all of 2 hours to write it out by hand. I hope it was alright we put our city name and our Pastor’s name where Renton Washington was written and Kirby. Thanks again for sharing.

  17. I really enjoyed reading this script (66-year-old granny, Sunday School teacher ages 7-14). I’ve no idea who the sparkly actress (?) is but will have to put in someone everyone will know in London; also with the venue. Anyway, I like your originality!

  18. We performed this at our small church. The kids absolutely enjoyed performing it. It was well received by our congregation as well. Thank you for sharing.

  19. We used this play in 2012. Everyone loved it!! We plan to do it again this year.
    What fun for this next group of children.
    Can not thank you enough for a play the children love!

  20. My youth is looking forward to doing this play. Our numbers were low this year and this works perfectly. We just have a couple boys so we switched in Joseph to Elizabeth. The kids loved the cellphone, Starbucks and Miley Cyrus reference
    Thank you for sharing.

  21. Vanessa Unti…Thank you! This skit looks very interesting. I cant wait to try it at our church in Maryland. Thank you for Blessing so many and may God continue to bless you and your family. Happy Holidays. Jesus is the reason for the Season!

  22. We added some villains and made King Herod a villlain in this script. I am super excited about our kids doing this program this Sunday. Thank you so much.

  23. This is a great play! Our kids at church had a good time with it and everyone enjoyed their presentation. On a personal note, because My own family members weren’t able to be there we are having our family do it today at our Christmas Eve gathering. Kids and adults all get parts! Yay!
    Thank you Vanessa Unti! Nicely done!

  24. Thank you, Vanessa. I’m adapting your script for our context and hope to use it this year. We might have to put on a virtual pageant but we specialize in adapting to changing times. I’m looking for a copyright date for your original script. I’m also wondering what you’re doing now. You have a gift and I want to learn how you are using it currently in these troubling times.

  25. Thanks so much for sharing this. It is perfect and I am super excited to use it this year for our Children’s Program. I have revised it a bit to for our small community. With our songs and bells, I am sure the message will be delivered marvelously.

  26. Thank you, Vanessa, for sharing this very creative twist! We are a small Anglican church from Richmond, B.C. and we’re trying to do a hybrid presentation (videos+live performance) involving the younger kids at Sunday school plus the youths ranging from gr.6 to uni! Having to revise and possibly simplify your script a bit, hopefully this is a project that the kids can enjoy working on together as, what I always tell them, a birthday present for our precious saviour Jesus.

  27. Thank you for this play. We are using it for our Christmas play at church. You did an amazing job. Keep using your gift and God bless

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