"Y is for Yahweh" Coloring Page

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Printable Yahweh coloring sheet
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The theme for the letter Y is Yahweh. In most English Bible translations, the phrase “THE LORD” is actually the Hebrew name for God. In older translations, this was rendered Jehovah from the alternate vowel pointing used in later Hebrew scriptures to show respect for the name of the Lord.
This is the name that God used for himself when speaking with Moses in Exodus 3:14. “God said to Moses, โ€œI AM WHO I AM.โ€ And he said, โ€œSay this to the people of Israel, โ€˜I AM has sent me to you.โ€™ โ€
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  1. Thank you very much. This is wonderful for the kids to color and also remember where ever they are.

    Thank you again.


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