"Z is for Zion" Coloring Page

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Zion coloring page printable
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The last letter in our alphabet series is Z for Zion. This is a term frequent in the Psalms in reference to Jerusalem and God’s special presence among his people. For Christians, the dwelling of God is not limited to one city. (Heb 12:22) We now celebrate the gathering of God’s people wherever Christ is worshiped.
The term Zion also refers to the Heavenly Jerusalem to come (Rev 14:1) where all of God’s people will be united in worship of King Jesus.
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This is only one part of Mandy’s coloring sheet series of Bible Alphabet pages. Please leave a comment below to express your appreciation or share how you will use this free printable in your ministry.

3 thoughts on “"Z is for Zion" Coloring Page”

  1. Your website helped me a lot my kids are advanced now with pictures and coloring.
    Thank you God bless

  2. Mandy I love love your work. This is amazing. You are helping me to develop my first Sunday School Class and Classroom.
    Blessings to you.
    Love you.

  3. Thank you for these alphabet pages. They are terrific. I have started teaching a small Sunday School class for our Church’s Vietnamese partners. I am also responsible for creating a simple craft for them as they are pre-school to kindergarten ages. Two of my students do not speak English yet. This will make a great craft for the whole class.
    I am going to make the letters into an spiral bound book for each of them. This will give them a craft, plus help teach letters, and will need no explanation from the teacher who does the craft with them.
    Simply amazing. 26 weeks of love to give them.
    Thank you for you awesome God given talent.
    Miz Jo

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